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Creating Shared Value Prize 2018 by Ashoka and Nestle: Winners Mumm and Fisher

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20 March 2018: The winners were announced on March 18 at the CSV Forum 2018 by Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider. For the first time there were two 2 winners: “mumm” from Egypt and “Fisher and Changemakers” from the Philippines!

The two social entrepreneurs have won CHF 150’000 each for their outstanding work in nutrition and rural development. 

This was also the first time the CSV Council decided to award a money prize to all finalists. A runner-up Prize of CHF 40’000 awarded to ‘Inka Moss’ from Peru. The finalists ‘IDESAM’ from Brazil, ‘KadAfrica’ from Uganda and ‘Maji Mamas’ based in the US and working in Kenya were all awarded CHF 20’000 each.

20 September 2017: As the world’s population grows, innovating to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future of all becomes even more essential. Ashoka and Nestle are looking for initiatives in Nutrition, Water and Rural Development to support and take to scale with over $500,000 in prizes.

Action needs to be taken to meet these growing needs, and innovating to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future becomes even more essential. Online applications are open from 29th August to 31st October 2017

The Creating Shared Value Prize, established in 2010, is a global search for leading innovations focused on creating shared value, high impact, and lasting change in communities. In celebration of Nestlé’s newly articulated purpose “enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future,” Nestlé has partnered with Ashoka, the world’s leading network of systems-changing social entrepreneurs, to search for, support and accelerate solutions tackling the biggest issues in water, nutrition and rural development.

Within the nutrition category we are looking for social innovation that seeks to improve the nutritional health of children around the world, addressing issues such as obesity, encouraging breastfeeding, undernutrition, and malnutrition. This is based on Nestlé’s 2030 ambition of helping 50 million children lead healthier lives. For example, initiatives could include rethinking ways to educate communities about nutrition, or they could introduce new technologies and methods to address health issues. Projects will be evaluated on their level of innovation, and will also be assessed on criteria such as environmental sustainability, impact and growth potential.

Within the rural development category we are particularly looking for social innovation that broaden rural employment opportunities for youths, addressing issues such as unemployment, sustainability, and productivity. This is based on Nestlé’s 2030 ambition to create economic opportunities for 10 million youths around the world. High potential projects could, for example, promote education within the agricultural sector, or they could be developing networks among farmers to increase the productivity, sustainability, and health of their livelihoods. Projects will be evaluated on their level of innovation, while also being assessed on criteria such as environmental sustainability, impact and growth potential.

Within the water category we are seeking social innovations in sustainable water resource management as well as in broadening access to water and sanitation. High potential projects working with sustainable water resource management may include, for example, developing new technologies within irrigation, fertilizing practices and drainage systems, while projects concerning accessibility could be devising new community led strategies for providing clean and sustainable access to water and sanitation. Projects will be evaluated on their level of innovation, while also being assessed on criteria such as environmental sustainability, impact and growth potential.

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