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Type A Micro Bird G5 Electric Schoolbus – Type D All American Electric Schoolbus by Blue Bird

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Update 18 March 2021: Blue Bird Delivers Its 400th Electric School Bus.

Blue Bird has delivered its 400th electric school bus in North America. The next 400 will come much quicker than the first 400. The company expects to have 1,000 electric school buses delivered by some point in 2022.

It was just in December that we reported on Blue Bird selling its 300th electric school bus, its first in Texas. In October, Blue Bird reported that it had sold hundreds of electric school buses (presumably, that meant 200).

12 December 2020: Blue Bird Sells Its 300th Electric School Bus  and first In Texas. Their pollution from diesel-fueled buses harms children across the United States every day. Air pollution from diesel fumes has been documented to cause a variety of both severe and mild health problems, including deadly cancers and asthma.”

Blue Bird noted a 2020 bright spot — “a surge in demand for their 100% electric school buses.” Now, the news is that the Georgia-based bus company has sold its 300th electric bus. But here’s the real kicker: “While a district in California received the 100th electric bus earlier this year, the 300th fully-electric Blue Bird school bus is slated for delivery soon on the Northeast Coast of the United States, a strong indication of the geographic breadth of interest in EV school buses.”

Blue Bird has gone from 100 electric bus sales to 300 electric bus sales within the year! In fact, that 100th delivery was just in April.

11 April 2018: The plug-in electric school bus startup Blue Bird has begun taking orders for its new electric Type C & D configuration school buses. The company is the only one in the US currently offering such configurations.

The electric school buses that are ordered as of right now will be delivered before the end of 2018. The buses have already finished certification testing and entered pre-production.

16 July 2017: Blue Bird, an important American bus manufacturer better known for its school buses, announced at the STN Tradeshow in Reno that it is ready to bring all-electric school buses to its lineup and unveiled two new models: The Type A Micro Bird G5 electric school bus and the electric Type D All American school bus.

Both buses should be able to achieve about 100 miles of range, which is generally plenty for most school bus routes. With the Type D All American, the range is enabled by a massive 150 kWh battery pack. A smaller 100 kWh option will also be made available for less demanding routes.

Blue Bird says that the new electric powertrain will have a Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) feature – meaning that the buses could be used as energy storage systems. It’s not a bad idea considering school buses are often parked for long periods of time. Production of the new electric powertrain will start next year.

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    10,000 North American school buses will be converted to fully electric

    SEA Electric, an Australian company with US headquarters in Torrance, California, that makes battery electric power systems for commercial vehicles, and Illinois-headquartered Midwest Transit Equipment (MTE), one of the largest school bus dealers in the US, have partnered to update 10,000 school buses in the US Midwest with battery-electric power systems over the next five years.

    With this partnership, MTE will be able to provide clients with a nearly new converted e-bus at a fraction of the cost of a new, built-from-scratch e-school bus. The deal will cover both Type A and Type C school buses, and deliveries will take place over the next five years.

    The buses will be powered by SEA Electric’s SEA-Drive electric power system. Each bus will have the ability to deliver full vehicle-to-grid capabilities, with the SEA-Drive power system able to feed electricity back into the grid, improving stability when connected to a charging station.

    SEA notes: This partnership promotes the [environmental, social, and corporate governance] principle of secondary use, while reducing waste, eliminating diesel particulates, and most importantly, positively impacting the health and well-being of our students.

    Two to three re-powered buses can be delivered at the same price as a new electric bus.

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