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Top 10 Electric Muscle Cars: Swapped V8 Engines For Battery E-Motors by Automotive Territory

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Since in the traditional sense, muscle cars are V8 powered rear wheel drive machines, it is hard to imagine how an electric vehicle could fall under this definition.

But if we were expand the term and take into consideration the classic retro looks and class specific performance characteristics, like massive torque and instant acceleration, then emerges a very interesting lineup of modern electric muscle cars.

Today Automotive Territory will be exploring the models that already exist and attempt to convert petrol heads into the disciples of EV community.

Mustang Lithium: Sooner or later we will be seeing a production-ready electric version of the modern Ford Mustang, but for now lets stay content with the concept developed alongside Webasto, named Project Lithium.

Charge Mustang: With the scheduled run of 499 units, the Charge Mustang is probably the closest we are getting to a production version of the electric muscle car with classic American-style, which, surprise-surprise, is not being developed, nor manufactured in the US.

Chevy Camaro eCopo: Chevy is not planning to develop the next generation of their iconic pony car. However, this doesn’t mean that the moniker will not live on as a performance electric vehicle. This claim is strongly supported by the media hype created by the one-off electric drag racer eCopo Camaro.

Ford Mustang Zombie 222: Able to outperform most ICE and electric muscle cars and many hypercars, the Zombie 222 by the Texas-based Bloodshed Motors has record-setting 0-60 of 1.79 seconds and can run a quarter mile in 9.89 seconds.

Genovation GXE: Many fans of the segment would disagree that a Corvette could be labeled a muscle car, but in my books the C7 Grand Sport is indeed a modern version of the one, and so is the upcoming electric Genovation GXE which is built over the Vette’s skeleton.

Peugeot E-Legend: Luckily for the fans of iconic retro coupes, the futuristic approach of the Peugeot e-Legend remains reminiscent of the 504 2-door manufactured back in 1970.

Renovo Coupe: The Renovo Coupe was created by the California startup company which specializes in the development of software for self-driving cars. The EV was built of the original Shelby Dayton, an iconic sports coupe of the past.

Aviar R67: 2019 Aviar R67 is a brainchild of a Russian electric vehicle start-up, Aviar Motors, that sources its exterior from the first-generation Ford Mustang, but keeps it Tesla-like under the hood.

Chevrolet E-10: A hot rod is basically a custom built muscle car, so meet the E-10 concept by Chevrolet, which is a classic design reimagination of a pickup powered by an electric powertrain.

Ford Mustang Mach-E: Probably a little hesitant to rebuild their most iconic model into a production EV. right away, instead, Ford chose to manufacture a Mustang named electric crossover labeled Mach-E, which pays homage to the “Mach 1” moniker.

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