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Top 10 Electric Cars Previewing the Upcoming EV Model Lineup for 2020 by Automotive Territory

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All of the vehicles shown in this #ATelectriccars release:

Mercedes Vision EQS: The 2019 model year has come and gone, leaving us expectant for the EQC electric SUV. However, Mercedes-Benz was not being idle, developing their newest concept, the 390-mile Vision EQS.

Porsche Taycan Turbo and Turbo S: Offering plenty of customization options, such as 10 exterior colors, 9 upholstery choices, additional performance and luxury packages, 2020 Porsche Taycan gets two performance variants, Turbo and Turbo S.

Honda E: Unlike the prototype versions, the production-ready 2020 Honda E gets 16 instead of 17-inch wheels as standard, and its grille badge is no longer illuminated. It accommodates 4 people and is comes packed with high tech features.

Volkswagen I.D. 3: The final version of the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. 3 was revealed during the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, powered by a 204hp electric motor that can be paired with one of three battery options, offering 205, 261 and 342 miles of range.

Mini Cooper SE: The first ever electric Mini was unveiled in 2008 as a part of an experiment and basically was a conversion of the gasoline model. Meet the 2020 Mini Cooper SE, an electrified hardtop Mini Cooper.

Drako GTE: Like many young automakers that came before it, the Silicon-Valley startup Drako is making big promises in regards to their first build – an all-electric 4-seater called GTE. Claimed to deliver driving dynamics and cornering precision like no other supercar on market, the model is slated for a limited production run of 25 units in 2020.

Lotus Evija: 2020 Lotus Evija is the first model to be introduced by the British automaker since it became a part of the Chinese Conglomerate Geely, and it appears that the influx of money from this cooperation is going to make wonders.

Audi AI:Trail Quattro: Audi has been developing an entire family of conceptual vehicles for the past couple of years and now the quartet that consists of the lounge on wheels Aicon, compact futuristic hatchback AI:ME, and PB 18 racer is complete with the arrival of the visionary off-roader AI:TRAIL quattro.

Byton M-Byte: Though the Chinese Byton M-Byte SUV is not exactly a new name on the EV market, we decided to revisit it once again as the long-awaited car has been revealed in its final form that will go on sale in mid-2020.

Bentley EXP 100 GT: Bentley is joining the club of centenarians in 2019 and to celebrate the occasion, the British automaker presented their own vision of the luxury automotive future and the direction the brand is going to take. Supposedly we are looking at a Bentley grand tourer of the 2035.

Hyundai 45: The name of this concept celebrated the 45th anniversary of the Pony Liftback, Hyundai’s first ever mass market model. It is built on the same platform skateboard E-GMP as its corporate sibling Kia Habaniro.

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