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Ten Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks: Alternatives to Tesla Semi Truck by Automotive Territory

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If you were to search for an electric cargo truck the first few pages of search results will be filled with news about the Tesla Semi truck and its incredible specifications.

However, if this heavy load vehicle has just been presented to the world as a prototype and is expected to be sold from 2020, there is quite a number of already operational electric trucks that serve in fleets of various companies around the world, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by millions of tons each year.

Vehicles featured in this video:
Thor Trucks ET: California based startup called Thor Trucks recently presented a prototype that can become the main competitor for Tesla Semi Truck. The vehicle is called Thor ET-One and is available in several capacities.

AEOS from Cummins: By introducing their all-electric AEOS Hauler tractor in August 2017, Cummins actually beat Tesla to the punch by two and a half months. AEOS is a sleek looking cargo truck, that belongs to the Class 7 semi.

Nikola 1: The American start up Nikola Motor has presented a truck of the future Nikola One that will hit the road by the year 2020.

E-Fuso Vision One: The E-Fuso is designed with the vision for local and intercity transportation given that the distance is within the 220 miles range, that is guarantedd by a 300 kWh battery.

E-Moss: This Dutch company has been manufacturing electric trucks, vans and buses for six years now with the first orders made by 8 Dutch companies back in 2012. It is worth mentioning that E-Moss does not build trucks from the bottom-up.

MAN e-Truck: Volkswagen is currently active across the whole spectrum of electrified vehicles and their subsidiary Man Truck & Bus AG is spearheading development of electric freighters.

Framo Electric Truck: Framo Electric Truck is a series of German-made electric semitrailer vehicles with max tonnage of 44 tonnes and power of 400 kW.

Tevva Motors: Tevva Motors electric trucks claim to be the future of urban delivery. They have pure electric range of 100 miles but can be equipped with a hybrid powertrain to relieve range anxiety.

E-Force One AG: E-Force One AG is the first electric truck utilizing a new battery technology build by the Swiss manufacturer of the same name. It is already available for purchase and is operated on European roads.

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  1. Erik van Erne zegt:

    14 mei 2018 om 14:55 | Permalink

    Peterbilt becomes latest truck maker to work on all-electric class 8 truck

    The truck maker announced a partnership with Meritor and TransPower, who will supply all-electric drivetrain systems for two Peterbilt vehicle platforms.

    They will produce the electric powertrains for 12 Peterbilt all-electric Class 8 Model 579 day cab tractors and three Model 520 refuse trucks.

    The trucks will be used in a test program for about one year in order to “prove out the ranges, operating hours and charging requirements of vehicles operating in real-world service conditions alongside conventional diesel-fueled trucks.”

  2. Erik van Erne zegt:

    7 februari 2019 om 16:24 | Permalink

    Rijden met de nieuwste Freightliner by TTMtv

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