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Lightyear One Pioneer Edition Solar Car Charges Itself With Clean Solar Power

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Update 29 July 2021: Lightyear has a new production location, to manufacture the unique Lightyear solar roofs.

Located in Venray, in the Dutch province of Limburg, the new facility belongs to Inalfa Roof Systems. They will partly move their production to Poland, leaving behind equipment suitable for Lightyear.

As the second-largest supplier of sliding and panoramic roofs for vehicles in the world, Inalfa already has the test equipment available, as well as highly qualified automotive personnel.

The double-curved Lightyear solar roofs are unique on the market, being the product of years of hard work, with patented technology and production processes. Having all this in-house knowledge, developing our signature solar roofs by ourselves was the next logical step. This technology is certified for the automotive standards and has been created specifically for series production.

Lightyear is emboldened to be expanding their capabilities, after a month full of good news.

19 July 2021: Lightyear selected Valmet Automotive in Finland, Uusikaupunki as production partner for Lightyear One. Valmet Automotive is a car manufacturer with over 50-years of experience and around 1.7 million built cars. Next to working with well-established brands, Valmet Automotive has developed experience in working with start-ups and has been involved in the production of electric cars for over more than 10 years already.

Valmet Automotive is keen to make a smooth transition from combustion to clean and efficient vehicles while ensuring flexibility and staying ahead of the developments in the EV market. Over the past years and in line with this strategy, the company has invested significantly in engineering and testing capabilities for electric vehicles powertrain developments.

“Our focus on electric mobility and battery systems make us predestined for processes in which mobility must be redefined. We are pleased that Lightyear has selected us as their production partner.” – Olaf Bongwald, CEO of Valmet Automotive

The announcement of this important partnership comes just a few weeks after Lightyear tested the latest Validation Prototype on the test track, where it drove 710 kilometres on a single charge of a 60 kWh battery.

Valmet Automotive and Lightyear work together to get the first cars delivered to customers next year.

15 May 2019: The prototype of the first long-range solar car will be unveiled in the Netherlands on June 25th. The announcement was made today by Lightyear, the Dutch pioneer in clean mobility.

The Lightyear One, their proof of concept car, will be the first concrete step towards Lightyear’s mission of making clean mobility available for everyone, everywhere.

Lightyear’s approach uses several innovations to free the driver and take the car anywhere. The Lightyear One was designed from the ground up to solve two of the biggest drawbacks of electric cars: range and charging. The 4-wheel drive car is designed to go for long periods without cable-charging. The battery alone has a range of 600-800 kilometers, depending on the usage. When it does need to be charged, the model’s energy efficiency makes it charge two or three times faster than any other electric car on the market. This means drivers can charge up to 400km overnight with an ordinary power socket, providing them with the freedom to use the Lightyear One in places without electric car charging infrastructure.

The revolutionary engineering of the Lightyear One isn’t limited to power. Its optimized aerodynamics, light weight and four independent in-wheel motors deliver torque with very high efficiencies; Lightyear ensures that its car makes the most of every bit of energy it produces.

Lightyear was founded in 2016 by five members of the team who developed Stella, the world’s first solar-powered four-seater. It won the World Solar Challenge and Best Technology Achievement from the Crunchies, as well as driving the Pacific Coast Highway from L.A. to San Francisco with one charge and zero emissions. Lightyear was born from their drive to make reliable and sustainable mobility available to anyone, anywhere.

Lightyear’s goal is to within the next ten years deliver cars with very low operating costs and long lifetime so the usage cost per km becomes extremely low. At that point, driving electric will become accessible to a much larger group of people than currently.

On June 25th, the Lightyear Prototype One will be revealed in Katwijk, the Netherlands. The prototype is eagerly awaited by environmentalists and car enthusiasts, as well as the almost 100 people who have already reserved a Lightyear One.

12 February 2019: The Lightyear One was awarded in the category Most Challenging Concept of The Automotive Innovation Award.

15 December 2018: LeasePlan Netherlands will collaborate with Dutch scale-up Lightyear, the first company in the world to develop an electric solar car for consumers.

LeasePlan Netherlands will become Lightyear’s leasing partner for the Lightyear One, the first car produced by the company.

The Pioneer Edition of the Lightyear One is expected to drive on Dutch roads in 2020.

The partnership with Leaseplan is a natural outcome of the mutual pioneering role that Lightyear and LeasePlan both play in the area of sustainability. At Lightyear our goal is to provide clean mobility for everyone, where Leaseplan has the goal to get their entire fleet of lease cars fully emission free by 2030.

Offering Lightyear One in a lease construction via is contributing to both Lightyear’s and LeasePlan’s company goals. Besides, this will make the Lightyear One accessible for a broad business audience.

Lightyear, founded by triple World Solar Challenge winners, will open its production facility at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, the Netherlands this week. The Lightyear One is the first electric car with integrated solar cells capable of driving 8,000 to 10,000 kilometres per year on solar energy in the Netherlands. The design of the car is still top secret, but it is already known that it is a five-seater hatchback with all-wheel drive, with a range of up to 800 kilometres.

Lightyear has grown to 100 employees and is working with engineering firms FEV and EDAG to launch the first prototypes in the summer of 2019. The first Lightyear Ones sold will be delivered in 2020.

Thanks to the cooperation between LeasePlan Netherlands and Lightyear, the solar car can be both bought and leased. This makes the car directly accessible to a broader corporate target group.

29 June 2017: The Lightyear One charges itself with clean solar power. In sunny conditions it can drive for months without charging, a truly unique capability. The battery stores energy to ensure you can drive at night. It offers great piece of mind.

Since you do not need charging points, the Lightyear One will take you anywhere. Charge using the sun, or any normal power plug.

The Lightyear One has four independent driven wheels that will make sure you’re prepared for surprises on the road ahead. Start planning your next big trip.

The Lightyear One’s optimized aerodynamics and weight saving features greatly improve its range. Depending on your battery configuration you have between 400 — 800 km of range buffered in the battery.

Lightyear is founded by five Solar Team Eindhoven alumni. With Solar Team Eindhoven, they built the revolutionary solar cars Stella & Stella Lux. Both cars are 4 seaters, road legal, solar powered and built to win the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Cruiser Class. After two world championships, they decided that it is time for the next step.

See also: The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017 #BWSC17: From Darwin to Adelaide Australia – Stella Vie de Opvolger van de Stella Lux by Solar Team Eindhoven in the World Solar Challenge 2017Stella: The First Family Seized Solar Powered Car – Documentary: Stella by Solar Team Eindhoven – Stella Vita: Rijdend Huis Op Zonne-energie Met Keuken, Bed, Douche, Toilet by Solar Team Eindhoven

Lightyear One Pioneer Edition Solar Car Charges Itself With Clean Solar Power – De Automotive Innovation Awards: Lightyear One Beste Uitdagende Concept Wint Publieksprijs

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  1. Erik van Erne zegt:

    15 augustus 2017 om 14:33 | Permalink

    Lightyear One by RTL Late Night Summer Night

    Baanbrekend: volgend jaar is er een auto die werkt op zonne-energie. Een groep oud-studenten van de TU Eindhoven hoopt met hun zonne-auto de internationale markt te veroveren. Volgend jaar zal de eerste auto uitkomen, maar vanavond is het team van Lightyear aanwezig om ons bij te praten!

  2. Erik van Erne zegt:

    6 augustus 2018 om 15:35 | Permalink

    Strategisch Partnerschap voor Lightyear en Sioux

    De elektrische gezinswagen, de Lightyear One, kan zichzelf opladen tijdens het rijden. Hiermee is schone mobiliteit niet langer afhankelijk van laadpalen.

    Middels een strategisch partnerschap met Lightyear is Sioux actief betrokken bij de ontwikkeling van deze revolutionaire wagen van de toekomst, zowel als investeerder en als technologiepartner.

    Gerben Hilboldt, verantwoordelijk voor de automotive tak bij Sioux: “Lightyear gaat de automotive industrie op zijn kop zetten. Het succes van e-mobility was tot voorheen onlosmakelijk verbonden met smart grid development, aangezien het netwerk van oplaadpunten een voorwaarde is voor de adaptatie van elektrisch rijden op grote schaal. Lightyear denkt hier omheen, door het inzetten van een andere onuitputtelijke energiebron: de zon. De zonne-energie kan de wagen gelijk opladen, waardoor de afhankelijkheid van laadpalen verdwijnt. Dit betekent gratis rijden op zonne-energie, zeker in een zomer zoals we nu in Nederland beleven. Vanuit Sioux omarmen wij deze innovatieve ideeën. Niet alleen door een solar car te kopen en daarnaast nog geld te investeren, maar ook door echt in een vroeg proces mee te denken en werken. Hierin maken wij het verschil.”

  3. Erik van Erne zegt:

    20 mei 2019 om 20:56 | Permalink

    LeasePlan En Lightyear Gaan Eerste Lease Auto Op Zonne-Energie Leveren

    LeasePlan Nederland gaat samenwerken met Lightyear. Deze Nederlandse scale-up, die is opgericht door drievoudig Solar Challenge-winnaars, ontwikkelt de eerste elektrische auto waarmee er in Nederland 8.000 tot 10.000 km per jaar op zonne-energie kan worden gereden.

  4. Erik van Erne zegt:

    20 december 2019 om 21:20 | Permalink

    Lightyear One in the USA

    In October 2020, a part of our team and the Lightyear One prototype made their way to the San Francisco bay area to explore the US market.

    Lightyear One fit in seemingly in the San Francisco sun as part of a trip full of promise and opportunity.

  5. Erik van Erne zegt:

    19 februari 2020 om 20:31 | Permalink

    Lightyear One at CES Las Vegas 2020

  6. Erik van Erne zegt:

    19 februari 2020 om 20:36 | Permalink

    Lightyear One: A People Centered Design Approach

  7. Erik van Erne zegt:

    17 september 2020 om 21:23 | Permalink

    Lightyear One driving in Dutch nature

  8. Erik van Erne zegt:

    26 november 2020 om 21:01 | Permalink

    Lightyear Wins Two Deloitte Fast 50 Awards

    For the 21st consecutive time, Deloitte has organized the Technology Fast 50. With this annual ranking, the fifty fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands are recognized for their exceptional growth performance.

    Out of 9 final nominees, we are thankful to have won the Rising Star and Most Disruptive Innovator award in this year’s edition.

    In the video below you can get a glimpse of the award show where LightyearCEO Lex Hoefsloot received both awards, during the Deloitte event.

  9. Erik van Erne zegt:

    16 september 2021 om 20:17 | Permalink

    Lightyear, de Nederlandse fabrikant van de zonneauto haalt miljoenen op voor uitbreiding

    De Helmondse start-up Lightyear, die werkt aan de ontwikkeling van elektrische auto’s met geïntegreerde zonnepanelen, heeft opnieuw miljoenen aan investeringen opgehaald. Onder meer uitvaartcoöperatie DELA en investeerder Joop van Caldenborgh steken geld in het bedrijf. De teller staat daarmee dit jaar op 93 miljoen euro aan investeringen volgens Lightyear.

    Eerder dit jaar maakte Lightyear al bekend 40 miljoen euro te hebben opgehaald in een investeringsronde. Ook was er een samenwerkingsverband met SHV, het bedrijf van de familie Fentener van Vlissingen.

    Lightyear gaat het geld gebruiken om de activiteiten uit te breiden. Zo kijkt de start-up naar nieuwe kantoor- en ontwikkellocaties in Amsterdam en Utrecht, maar ook in Duitsland en het Verenigd Koninkrijk.

    Lightyear verwacht zijn eerste model, de Lightyear One, volgend jaar op de markt te brengen. Lightyear maakte met het Finse Valmet, een bedrijf dat voertuigen bouwt voor andere automerken, al afspraken over de productie. Lightyear gaat zelf de zonnedaken produceren.

    Voor zijn eerste massamodel, dat in 2024 op de markt moet komen, kijkt Lightyear nog naar financieringsmogelijkheden. Dat kan door middel van het aantrekken van verdere investeringen zijn, maar ook door een beursgang.

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