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10 All-Electric Vans And Passenger MPVs of 2020 by Automotive Territory

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Delivery vans, passenger shuttles, business vans and MPVs, all of these vehicles have long become the usual feature of the modern city-suburbs landscape, so there is no wonder why the electrification tide is consuming them along with the rest of the transport on the roads.

In this episode of Automotive Territory we will be revisiting the topic of electric vans, revealing the all-new models within the segment that are standing at the roots of the inner city transportation revolution.

All of the vehicles that were shown in this episode:

Mercedes EQV: The portfolio of Mercedes electric vehicles is expanding at a noticeable pace across all classes, in 2020 being joined by the EQV luxury MPV. Basically it is an electric version of the Metris AKA Vito van that sits 8 passengers.

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter: The Sprinter is Mercedes’s workhorse for the inner-city cargo hauling and concurrently one of the world’s most popular campervan platforms. Its 2020 lineup was expanded to include an all-electric version eSprinter.

VW Type 20: 2020 VW Type 20 is a new electric van concept from VW that commemorates the 20th anniversary of company’s RnD facility in Silicon Valley and marks its further reorganization into the company’s largest Innovation and Engineering Center outside Germany.

Renault Master ZE: Available in 2 wheelbase lengths and 4 cabin sizes, the 2020 Renault Master ZE is the largest electric van by the company, that debuted on the market in 2018. In early 2020, the van will be also released in a new Hydrogen-powered version, equipped with a 10kW hydrogen range extender and two 14-gallon tanks.

MAN eTGE: Introduced in 2018, the all-electric version of the MAN van has won the 2019 ETM Award as the best electric vehicle of its class. Gradually gaining more popularity in the urban delivery niche, in 2020, the eTGE is set to expand to new markets, including non-EU countries.

VW e-Crafter: While VW has several electric van models that are still in their concept or protype stages, the e-Crafter has already been in production for two years, since 2018. The model received a front-mounted electric motor with 136 horses and 214 lb-ft of torque, while its 35.8 kWh battery is good for 107 miles of driving.

Fiat Ducato Electric: 2020 Fiat Ducato Electric is the first all-electric vehicle from Fiat Professional will join the updated Ducato family for the 2020 model year. If ordered in the largest body configuration, it will boast of up to 600 cu ft of load volume and up to 4300 pounds of payload.

StreetScooter: Streetscooter is a German manufacturer of commercial electric vehicles that despite their unimpressive specifications, are already driving on the European roads.

Canoo: The Canoo was founded in 2017 by former BWM and Faraday Future executives Stefan Krause and Ulrich. Their creation is riding on a skateboard platform that integrates an 80kWh pack aiming for up to 250 miles range.

Ford Transit Custom PHEV: One of the transitional solutions before the battery technology is improved should be a plug-in hybrid alternative offered by Ford in the form of the Transit Custom PHEV.

VW ID Buzz Cargo: Considering that many of our viewers have already seen the passenger version of the ID Buzz, this time, we decided to bring to your attention another upcoming electric VW – the cargo delivery model, called VW ID Buzz Cargo, based on the same platform.

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