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CNN Going Green for Earth Day: The Special Debate for Earth’s Frontiers

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April 22nd is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and to mark the milestone, CNN International is launching extensive environmental coverage through two special programs.

‘The Special Debate for Earth’s Frontiers: The Future of Energy’ features a panel of experts at the forefront of environmental change as they discuss the pressing challenges facing the world today.

“Green Light for Business”, a week of insights on the impact businesses has on the natural world.

Hosted by CNN’s Anna Coren ‘The Special Debate for Earth’s Frontiers: The Future of Energy’ takes place in Seoul, South Korea. The unique discussion joins a panel of leaders to address the critical question in today’s fast developing society – Do we need to sacrifice growth in order to achieve sustainability? Keeping in mind that continued economic growth and development over the last century has had a devastating impact on the planet, and that the depletion of natural resources, extinction of species, displacement of communities and global warming are just a few of the crises that the world currently faces, these leaders explore the possibility of a sustainable future where global economic development benefits everybody, natural resources are protected and biodiversity is restored.

The esteemed panel of speakers comprises: James Cameron – Academy Award-winning film director whose recent movie Avatar is hailed as the most epic of environmental advocacy movie ever made. The environmental message in Avatar has inspired environmental activism worldwide and the movie is the highest grossing film ever in North America and the winner of three Academy Awards.

Mohamed Nasheed – President of the Maldives, widely credited for playing an instrumental part in bringing freedom and democracy to the Maldives won the 09 Anna Lindh Prize, in recognition of his work promoting human rights, democracy and environmental protection. In September 09, Time magazine declared him a ‘Hero of the Environment’.

Changhua Wu – Greater China Director of the Climate Group leads the organization’s Global Demonstration initiative with an aim to forge public-private partnerships to quickly scale up low carbon solutions in China. Wu was selected as one of Top Ten Environmental Pioneers by China Business News and a Green Leader by Southern Weekend.

Jochen Zeitz – Chairman & CEO of Puma who after becoming the youngest Chairman in German history to head a public company introduced PUMAVision, a concept that unites the group’s corporate social responsibility efforts. Zeitz is also the founder of the not-for-profit “Zeitz Foundation of Intercultural Ecosphere Safety”.

The debate airs on CNN International on Thursday April 29th at  230pm CET, Friday April 30th at  630am CET , Saturday May 1st at  730am, 730pm and  10pm CET, and Sunday May 2nd at 930am and 5 pm CET. CNN Going Green

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