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The Lux Awards 2020: Marks & Spencer, London – Signify Winner of the Year Lux Award 2020

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Update: 7 January 2021: The winners for the 2020 Lux Awards has been announced and this year features a whole host of innovative projects and inventive new technologies.

A team of expert judges – consisting of experienced lighting professionals, designers and end users of lighting – have considered the entries and awarded the coveted Lux Award trophies to companies, lighting designers and clients.

The trophies were handed out in an innovative, online ceremony watched by lighting professionals all over the world.

The 2020 Winners are:
Retail Lighting Project of the Year: Winner: Marks & Spencer, London – Signify
Marks and Spencer won the award for an ambitious sustainability project in which thousands of 3D printed LED luminaires from Signify are being installed in stores across the UK. To date over 15,000 have been installed in 20 locations including London, Manchester, Belfast, Dublin and Cork. The project, designed by LAPD, is improving store performance and generating significant energy savings. It’s part of a wider plan to create a greener, low carbon M&S.

Industrial and Transport Lighting Project of the Year: Winner Paddington Station, Elizabeth Line, London – WSP
The judges were impressed with the lighting concept and execution at the Elizabeth Line station at Paddington. The lighting consultants WSP had to satisfy the exacting requirements of a variety of stakeholders while minimising energy use and complying with complex standards and codes. The judges said the design was very successful in creating a clear hierarchy and a strong visual identity.

Hospitality, Leisure and Faith Lighting Project of the Year: Winner Royal Opera House, London – StudioFractal
The judges commended StudioFractal’s finely-crafted design for the redesigned Royal Opera House, saying it perfectly complemented the organisation’s guiding principles of excellence, theatricality and curiosity. The lighting reveals the intricate Victorian ironwork for the first time and helps create a series of flowing, interlinked spaces that convey a variety of atmospheres.

Office, Education and Healthcare Lighting Project of the Year: Winner West Downs Campus, University of Winchester – Michael Grubb Studio
The £35 million West Downs Campus is an inspirational state-of-the-art facility for learning and teaching, home to University of Winchester’s Digital Technologies, Computing, Business and Management programmes. The lighting takes its cues from hospitality, creating a warm welcoming environment for both students and academics.

Outdoor Lighting Project of the Year: Winner The Iron Bridge, Shropshire – LPA Lighting
The judges called this outstanding project by lighting designers Liz Peck and Bob Bohannon as a ‘labour of love’. This icon of the industrial revolution represented an extraordinarily demanding and technically difficult lighting project, with a host of restrictions. The team describe it as ‘the bridge that didn’t want to be lit’. The judges described LPA’s design as a bold and imaginative scheme which more than does justice to one of the UK’s most historic structures.

Interior Luminaire of the Year: Winner Blade R – iGuzzini
Blade R is a range of compact and miniaturised rings of light that enable the elegant integration of services such as loudspeakers, smoke detectors, emergency lighting and video cameras. The judges cited its functionality and ability to declutter the ceiling while maintaining extraordinary levels of light quality and visual comfort.

Exterior Luminaire of the Year: Winner Stealth with SAM – Acrospire Products
The judges described the Stealth as a step change in all-in-one solar luminaires. It features some of the most advanced technologies seen in this type of product, including a best-in-class mono-crystalline panel and a lithium-iron-phosphate battery, all combined with a sophisticated solar energy management system.

Emergency Lighting Product of the Year in association with RP-Technik: Winner Integrated Sensor and Emergency Light – Simmtronic
This unique and innovative product combines the world’s smallest emergency lighting module – the XY-Fi from Mackwell – with Simmtronic’s intelligent PIR sensor technology in one elegant unit. The integrated unit cuts inventory, installation and maintenance costs and declutters the ceiling. The judges cited the partnership between the two companies as an example to the industry of what can be achieved with collaboration.

Connected Lighting Innovation of the Year: Winner: Lys Button and Light Diet – Lys
Created by Christina Friis Blach Petersen and Hugo Starrsjo, the Lys button is a wearable light sensor which combines with the Light Diet app to enable healthier living with light. The technology helps people to understand how light affects their health and wellbeing. Users have seen a 17 per cent improvement in sleep quality and a 20 per cent improvement in energy levels. The judges commended the product for raising awareness of how important light is to our wellbeing.

Enabling Technology of the Year: Winner Vesta Thrive – Bridgelux
Vesta Thrive is a range of full-spectrum, tunable white light LED sources with the closest match to natural light commercially available. It allows manufacturers to create luminaires with the most natural light output, as well as advanced human-centric and circadian lighting systems. The judges described the Vesta Thrive as pioneering and innovative development which showed a clear direction of travel for the lighting industry.

Controls Product of the Year: Winner ActiveAhead Generation 2 – Helvar
The judges praised Helvar’s ActiveAhead Generation 2 for its ability to solve multiple issues with one intelligent wireless platform. They were particularly impressed by its unique self-learning algorithm. This cuts operational costs by maintaining light at the level to which it is needed. ActiveAhead Generation 2 is scalable and self-commissioning and can be connected to a cloud monitoring and maintenance service.

Supplier of the Year: Winner Thorlux Lighting
The judges described Thorlux Lighting as one of the most respected brands in the industry and praised its consistency, its quality and its commitment to sustainability. The company recently unveiled a massive solar power farm on the roof of its factory in Redditch. This consists of 900 photovoltaic panels which help power the machinery, servers, lighting and even the firm’s fleet of electric vehicles. The company has even invested in its own carbon offsetting programme, planting 150,000 trees on specially-purchased land in Devauden in Wales to offset its carbon footprint.

Client of the Year: Winner Ashmere Care Homes
The Client of the Year category is designed to recognise and reward end users who have employed innovative lighting technology and techniques to achieve their goals. At Heanor Park Care Home in Derbyshire, Ashmere Care Homes used an amBX SmartCore system to enable the precise delivery of the right colour light mix at the right time of day to support human circadian cycles. This led to better nighttime sleep, greater levels of engagement and alertness and a significant reduction in the number of falls.

Young Lighter of the Year In association with the Society of Light and Lighting: Winner Aluwaine Manyonga
Manyonga, a fourth-year electrical engineering undergraduate at the University of Zimbabwe who works with Emmanuel Consulting Engineers in Harare, won the Young Lighter of the Year for 2020 for his paper on offgrid solar lighting, specifically the Chigubhu lantern, which has been described as Africa’s ‘education system game changer’.

Lux Person of the Year: Winner Eric Rondolat CEO Signify
Rondolat has steered Signify through some challenging times in recent years, including the pandemic. He has shown industry leadership, given clear direction when others have vacillated, and maintained profitability throughout. He has been decisive, investing heavily in a 3D printing and a range of UV-C products. He has put sustainability at the heart of the company, not as greenwash, but as a key differentiator and strategy for the brand. This year Signify became the first company of scale in the industry to become carbon neutral – no mean feat for a company of 28,000 employees.

Lux Awards 201525 november 2015: Mooi hoor, de prestigieuze Lux Awards zijn weer uitgereikt. Uit de ruim 200 genomineerden werd Philips gekozen als één van de prijswinnaars.

De belangrijkste prijswinnaars voor de verschillende Lux Awards 2015 zijn:
Controls Product of the Year: Prolojik van LightMatrix
Light Source Product of the Year: LuxiTune Generation van by LED Engin
Interior Luminaire of the Year: Kontakt van Unibox Retail (in samenwerking met Philips)
Exterior Luminaire of the Year: High Mast Advanced Optix (HMAO) van Holophane Europe (in samenwerking met Lumileds)
Recycling Award: de Britse gemeente Bolton (in samenwerking met lumicom en Recolight)
Manufacturer of the Year: Aurora Lighting (in samenwerking met Arrow)

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