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World Expo Shanghai 2010 Better City, Better Life: China Pavilion Reopens On Decenber 1st 2010

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World Expo 2010 Shanghai4 January 2011: Five Popular Expo pavilions may remain on site permanently. The pavilions of France, Italy, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Spain have been given to the city as gifts and will soon reopen to the public.

They will remain in the same location for up to 50 years, according to Ding Hao, deputy director general of the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination.

It’s not decided yet how to use those buildings but one potential use is that they will be converted into art studios. Local authorities have changed their original plan to demolish the foreign pavilions and are working on a new plan for those five – or possibly more – pavilions.

27-11-2010: The China Pavilion, the top attraction at the recently concluded Expo 2010 Shanghai, will reopen to the public on December 1st 2010 for a period of six months. According to the Expo organizers, the “Crown of the East”, as the China Pavilion is known, will retain all its features from the Expo, which drew to a close on Oct 31.

A new exhibition will be added at the structure’s waiting area, where visitors will get an idea of how the building was constructed. The pavilion will be open to visitors from 9 am to 5 pm daily. The 2-billion-yuan inverted pyramid-like structure was designed to accommodate 50,000 people on any given day. Although the China Pavilion, which was open for nearly 13 hours a day, received about 10 million visitors during the six-month fair, a majority of the 73 million Expo visitors could not enter the pavilion owing to the unprecedented crowds.

02-11-2010: About 73 million visitors from across the globe have visited the World Expo in the Chinese city of Shanghai. Coming close to an end after a six-month extravaganza, the expo in China has been the most visited fair ever. Harry Fawcett reports from the expo in Shanghai, where the average wait in queues to see a lavish show was about 10 hours long.

Bijna 8,5 Miljoen Bezoekers voor het Nederlandse Paviljoen Happy Street op de World EXPO 2010

The theme of the World Expo Shanghai 2010 is “Better City, Better Life,” representing the common wish of the whole humankind for a better living in future urban environments. This theme represents a central concern of the international community for future policy making, urban strategies and sustainable development. In 1800, 2% of the global population lived in cities.

In 1950, the figure raised to 29%, in 2000, almost half the world population moved into cities, and by 2010, as estimated by the United Nations, the urban population will account for 55% of the total human population. The quest for a better life has run through the urban history of mankind. Through different sub-themes, World Expo Shanghai 2010 will create blueprints for future cities and harmonious urban life styles, providing an extraordinary educational and entertaining platform for visitors of all nations. May 1 to Oct 31, 2010, Location  between Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge  along both sides of the Huangpu River in Shanghai. Expected visitors: 70 million. Source: World Expo Shanghai 2010

Prins van Oranje en Prinses Máxima bezoeken World Expo 2010 Shanghai en Happy Street – World Expo 2010: General Motors en SAIC presenteren de EN-V

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    World’s biggest thermometer serves Expo Park

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    World Expo Best Pavillions Announced

    Germany Pavilion won the first prize of the best development of the Expo 2010 theme “Better City, Better Life” at the Shanghai World Expo on Saturday. The prize was awarded in the A category, which includes pavilions with the largest exposition area (more than 6,000 square meters).

    Russian Pavilion won the second prize of the best development of the Expo 2010 theme “Better City, Better Life” in the A categrory and the France Pavilion won the third prize of the best development of the Expo 2010 theme “Better City, Better Life” in the A category.

    UK pavilion is awarded for the best design in the A category. ROK Pavilion is awarded for the second prize of the best design in the A category.

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