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Dutch Mountains by Francine Houben – Mecanoo Architecten

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Dutch MountainsFrancine Houben studeerde architectuur in de jaren 70. De tijd waarin sociale woningbouw en architectuur in dienst van maatschappelijke verheffing het grote doel was.

Er is veel veranderd in het leven en werk van Francine Houben. Ze is creatief directeur van Mecanoo architecten, ontving vele prijzen en erkenningen, en is in haar vakgebied een internationale grootheid geworden.

Dutch Mountains is een fascinerend boek over de harde wereld van de architectuur en hoe het menselijke werk van Francine Houben daarin komt bovendrijven. Het is, in beeld en tekst, een boek over een vrouw met een warm kloppend hart.

Journalist Jan Tromp en fotograaf Harry Cock brengen haar wereld in beeld, in acht bijzondere projecten uit vijf verschillende landen.

De bibliotheken van Birmingham en de Technische Universiteit Delft. Whistling Rock Country Club golfclubhuis in Chuncheon Zuid-Korea en het Bijlmerpark in Amsterdam. De wolkenkrabber Montevideo en Kapel Heilige Maria der Engelen, beiden in Rotterdam.

Het theater en congrescentrum La Llotja de Lleida in Llerida en het grootse Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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  1. Erik van Erne zegt:

    30 oktober 2015 om 11:21 | Permalink

    Francine Houben talks about the design concept behind the Library of Birmingham

    In 2009 Carillion was appointed by Birmingham City Council as its construction partner. to build the new £188.8 million Library of Birmingham and on Tuesday 3rd September 2013 it opened its doors to the public for the first time. Here, Principal Architect, Francine Houben, Founding Partner/Creative Director of Mecanoo Architecten, describes the design concepts of the iconic building and how the library is not just a library, it’s a people’s palace.

    The Library of Birmingham in Birmingham, United kingdom.

    35,000 m2 library with adult and childrens library, study centre, music library, community health centre, multimedia, archives, Shakespeare Memorial Room, offices, exhibition halls, cafes and lounge space, new shared auditorium (300 seats) with neighbouring Repertory Theatre and urban plan for Centenary Square.

  2. Erik van Erne zegt:

    30 oktober 2015 om 11:27 | Permalink

    St. Mary of the Angels Chapel in Rotterdam

    Located centrally in the St. Laurentius cemetery in Rotterdam, the Roman Catholic chapel sits within the perimeter of a historic chapel from 1869 whose outline is visible from the exposed ruins of the original wall.

    Inside, the atmosphere feels intimate regardless of the number of people present. The chapel consists of a column-free space wrapped by a continuous, undulating wall raised seventy centimetres off the floor, with a gently curved floating roof above.

  3. Erik van Erne zegt:

    30 oktober 2015 om 11:32 | Permalink

    Whistling Rock Golf Clubhouse in Chuncheon, South Korea

    Golf clubhouse of 7,500 m2 with 27 holes golf course, restaurants, luxury apartment, pro shop, service areas, wine cellar, banquet rooms, bathing areas and multiple lobby areas.

  4. Erik van Erne zegt:

    30 oktober 2015 om 11:35 | Permalink

    Francine Houben over Montevideo Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  5. Erik van Erne zegt:

    30 oktober 2015 om 11:41 | Permalink

    Wei-Wu-Yin Center for the Arts

    Located next to 40 hectares’ Wei-Wu-Ying Metropolitan Park in Fengshan district, Kaohsiung, the Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts sits in a lot size of 9.9 hectares and occupies a floor area of 3.3 hectares. Surrounded by the green field, the Center has sonic style exterior with white wave that resembles a big ray fish smoothly slides onto the ground, a seamless blend of the surrounding environment. It is an architectural work full of avant-garde and ecological concept.

    Architect Francine Houben’s design idea was inspired by the lush banyan trees in the Wei-Wu-Ying Park. The aerial routes of half-century old trunks created a large canopy of branches that dotted with light and shadow. These abstract banyan images has thus given Wei-Wu-Ying an organic theme full of transparency and breathing rhythm. To accommodate tropical climate in the southern Taiwan and local resident’s love of outdoor activity and life style with evening light, the Center has a wide entrance connected to the park. It is a location that not only welcomes performing arts residency but also becomes a public space where residents stroll, practice Tai Chi and meditate. It is a creation of space that merges theater and real life in one.

    The Wei-Wu-Yin Center for the Arts consists of four indoors venues:Lyric Theater, Concert Hall, Playhouse, Recital Hall and an openair theater. Other amenities include outdoor plaza, restaurants,gift shops, multi-purpose room, rooftop observatory and parking space, etc.

    See also: Solar Powered Kaohsiung StadiumTalee Star Place in Kaohsiung

  6. Erik van Erne zegt:

    30 oktober 2015 om 11:44 | Permalink

    Het Nelson Mandela Park (Bijlmerpark) in Amsterdam by Mecanoo

    Het vernieuwde Bijlmerpark ziet er stralend uit na de vernieuwing door Mecanoo. Vroeger was het er een beetje saai, wel veel groen maar dat was nogal karakterloos. Nu is het een echt stadspark geworden dat behalve natuur meer biedt: sportvelden en leuke plekjes voor kinderen, zoals hier het pierenbad en de zweefkabel.

    Nelson Mandela Park (formerly known as Bijlmerpark) in Amsterdam is transformed into a true city park containing six hectares of sports facilities and 700 residences that wind along the park perimeter. The transformation of the park forms part of a large-scale renewal of the Bijlmermeer district that aims to boost the quality of public space and safety on the street.

    The park has eight impressive entrances, each composed of three open vertical gates. Meandering through the hilly park are footpaths that connect the cultural northern end with the natural, ecological southern end. A wide range of distinctive trees and magnolia fields creates a different experience in the park with each changing season.The sports fields are located centrally in the park. Three recreation zones, each defined by a different identity and function, are found along the main path: the Sport; and Game esplanade; the Tribune esplanade for events that overlooks the main field; and the Nature esplanade, which overlooks the natural pond.

    The nature park in the south is characterised by large areas of water, colourful fields with wetland plants, bridges and a water deck. Covered with butterfly-friendly plants, the lookout hill affords a magnificent view over the park.

  7. Erik van Erne zegt:

    30 oktober 2015 om 11:50 | Permalink

    Teatre de la Llotja de Lleida

  8. Erik van Erne zegt:

    15 december 2017 om 12:17 | Permalink

    Het Allermooiste by Francine Houben: Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting

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