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The Energy Globe World Awards: Winners are Germany, Kenya, India, Afghanistan and USA

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energy-globe-award-2008.jpgUpdate 7 February 2019: Representatives of 16 outstanding environmental organizations from 15 countries just met in Yazd, Iran for the Energy Globe Award ceremony, accompanied by a conference Sustainable Town and Cities.

Five of them became the Energy Globe World Award winners in five different categories, receiving one of the highest prizes in the sustainability area for their work.

“Each year we are humbled and grateful to receive so many applications from all over the world. And despite 19 years of experience and understanding that technology is advancing, we are still so surprised to see how the quality of the applications and solutions to our environmental problems grows,” says Wolfgang Neumann, the founder of the Energy Globe Foundation.

German research consortium C3 and its project Carbon concrete – economical, sustainable, attractive won in the category Earth. Their carbon reinforced concrete offers a great and sustainable alternative in the very traditional construction industry.

Solar Freeze from Kenya won in the category Fire. Their portable solar powered cold storage for smallholder farmers offers a sustainable solution to the huge losses of harvest in the developing countries that farmers endure because of bad storage. Their units increase the durability of food ten 10 times.

Sankalpa Rural Development Society from India has invented a method to recharge bore wells with the previously harvested rainwater, which the international jury awarded as the winning project in the category Water. Their technology is a solution to the sinking groundwater levels and water- and food undersupply due to the non-sustainable cultivation.

GERES from Afghanistan won in the category Air. Its Central Highland Program: Energy Saving Solutions in Rural Afghanistan provides various solutions for isolating homes, thus significantly reducing the energy consumption and emissions, as well as deforestation as wood is still a very common source of fuel in this country.

One More Generation from the US with their OneLessStraw campaign convinced the jury and won in the category Youth. Two teenagers Olivia and Carter Ries have been extremely successful at battling the increasing amount of plastic waste in our oceans by offering schools, restaurants, hotels, airlines and venues simple ways to stop using plastic straws.

In addition to the five winners, the REWE International AG and its project Ja, natürlich! Green Packaging received Energy Globe World Award of Honour for their efforts to reduce plastic waste in the retail.

Cities of Espoo and Yazd were honoured in the special category Sustainable cities for unique implementation of sustainability.

Energy Globe, a private Austrian initiative, celebrates its 20th anniversary. The success of this initiative is visible in its database with over 20 000 sustainable projects, all of which offer different solutions to our environmental problems.

18 Januart 2018: In the presidential palace in Tehran the Energy Globe World Award 2017 winners were announced. This year 2000 projects from 178 countries were submitted for the prestigious environmental award in five categories: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth.

The award in the category Earth went to the Rural Green Environment Organization from Afghanistan for its efforts to reforest degraded watershed and establish fruit orchards through community involvement in one of the remotest and poorest mountainous valleys.

Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences from India received the award in the category FireGreen initiatives undertaken by this institute have found a great way to reduce the ecological footprint for large scale cooking.

In the category Water two projects shared the first place. One of the awards went to Puritas Limited from Sri Lanka for providing clean drinking water to people with chronic kidney disease through reverse osmosis water purification systems. The second award Kerman Copper Region of the Islamic Republic of Iran for its integrated water master plan to provide water for the Sarchechmen mine, which includes an upgrade of tailings disposal and water management system.

The award in the category Air went to the Austrian Post for reducing their ecological footprint by replacing conventional vehicles with electric vehicles in their operations.

Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust from New Zealand received the award in the category Youth for their flagship education center, where pupils, community groups and business are taught to become guardians of the environment.

The overall Energy Globe Award 2017 prize was awarded to Trees Adoption Uganda with its project “Trees4School”. It implements climate change mitigation activities like planting trees, additionally helping vulnerable young people with financial support for their education and start-up capital for their own business.

This year two special awards were presented. Advantage Austria received one of the awards for their dedication to organizing the national ceremonies in almost 100 countries. The second prize went to the Iranian Society for Green Management for the cooperation over the years and organization of the Energy Globe World Award ceremonies in Tehran.

11 November 2016: World’s Best Environmental Projects Awarded at the UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh. The Oscar of the environment – The Energy Globe Award – was presented to the most sustainable environmental projects worldwide.

The interest about the nominated environmental projects, as well as 178 national winners was huge. A lot of participants of the conference came to the Energy Globe at its booth with the Austrian Economic Chambers to find out more about the projects that protect our planet and all of them were thrilled!

The brilliant winner in the category Earth is an initiative from Bangladesh. Together with the local community the organization plants trees and provides clean water technologies based on renewable energy. The organization Tahzingdong takes care of almost 13.000 hectares of village common forests and more than 1000 indigenous forest dependent families. Two water systems capture approximately 400.000 liters of clean water for the public. It decreases the general water scarcity and 70% of water borne diseases in the community. Another nominee in this category was an initiative from Honduras. Inga alley system is a revolutionary method, that secures means of living for the farmers and is a sustainable alternative to slash-and-burn farming. The third nominee was a project from Morocco, which was comprised of a wastewater system, plant and a treated wastewater storage pond as well as solar-powered irrigation system.

Multicon Solar won the Energy Globe Award in the category Fire. The German company has developed a mobile solar power station that replaces loud and polluting diesel generators. The solar power station is based on a plug & play principle – once delivered it can be directly put into operation. Depending on the version, the solar containers have a performance of up to 52 kWp and store up to 100 kWh solar current. Among the other nominees was We Care Solar in Ethiopia with the development of a solar suitcase, which provides clean energy to medical facilities and therefore saves lives of women and children, as well as reduces CO2 emissions. The third nominee was an initiative from Kenia that educates young people on how to make solar lamps from recycled materials.

Three outstanding nominees hoped to get the coveted prize in the category Water. Tropical Research and Conservation Centre from Malaysia that restores coral reefs with an innovative approach was claimed the winner. Coral reefs are worldwide endangered and have been gradually destroyed. In this project 0.5 hectares of reefs have been replanted. The replanted reefs have more diversity and more fish biomass. What a great project! Among the other nominees was the Sudanese Woman’s General Unionwhich provides internally displaced persons with clean water, sanitary facilities and hygiene services. The third nominee came from the small town of San Crisanto in Mexico, where the organization together with the local community protect mangrove and other threatened ecosystems.

Austrian retail chain Hofer– a pioneer in the food retail in German speaking countries who works in a completely CO2 neutral way – celebrated victory in the category Air. All emissions that are not saved through the large-scale campaign, are compensated through climate protection projects. The unique concept of the avoidance of emissions, selection of regional products, as well as integration of customers and employees helped them to win in this category. Besides Hofer, projects from the USA and India were nominated in this category. A software from the USA for monitoring the infrastructure in data centers helps center managers run their facilities at peak efficiency. Armed with real-time information, managers can plan and manage capacity, minimize downtime, reduce energy consumption and save money. The Indian social enterprise Pollinate Energy trains people to provide renewable energy to India’s city slum dwellers.

Youth is one of the most important categories, as the next generation is our hope. The victory here belonged to Association Vertidos Cero for developing an app for cleaner beaches. Everyone can enter the illegal marine litter, thereby allowing to develop strategies against the pollution of beaches. This app convinced the jury, as only specific knowledge of waste disposal sites allows for efficient waste management and future avoidance. In addition, one could see the project of another finalist – Inspiria Science Center from Norway, which informs 50.000 school kids yearly about renewable energy and waste management in an entertaining way. Another nominee was SolarGrid from the Republic of Tanzania. In a pilot project young people were trained to become solar technicians, who are simultaneously selling the solar products. Solar systems can be acquired with a help of micro financing loan. Some students in Singapore took it upon themselves to power their community, they didn’t have the funds to start up. So they all got advances from Qvcredit and invested together to make it happen. Today they power almost a hundred people and they plan on growing that number. Source:

The new category Sustainable Plastics refers to sustainable use of plastics. A showcase for this is the winner EcoAct Tanzania. The company produces fencing posts from plastic waste, which is dumped in huge amounts. The production from plastic materials not only reduces the amount of waste, every 25 posts save one fully matured Red Cedar Tree, as normally these posts are produced from wood. It truly is an amazing project, which shows how meaningful plastic can be used. The second nominee was Air X-TEX from the USA with its air filter. It is produced from a recycled material and saves thousands of trees and tons of steel, simultaneously reusing millions of discarded plastic bottles.

5 juni 2010: Zo, de winnaars van The Energy Globe Award 2010 zijn weer bekend gemaakt. Uit de meer dan 800 ingezonden environmental projects uit 105 landen zijn er 15 genomineerd voor de categoriën Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth. De vijf winnaars zijn: Mauritius, Noorwegen, India, Taiwan en Argentinië

Category EARTH – winner: Mauritius!
Federated States of Micronesia: Recycling project brings environmental protection and additional income for island inhabitants; Mauritius: Seeds of hope; Austria: Passive house standard and comfort through renovation.

Category FIRE – winner: Kingdom of Norway!
Bangladesh: Project Solar multi-user solar system; Nepal: Program to improve water-powered mills in Nepal; Kingdom of Norway: Next Generation Wind Technology

Category WATER – winner: India!
India: Networked underground rain water tanks ensure economical water supply; Pakistan: Water and hygiene program WASEP; Germany: HelioTech water treatment system

Category AIR – winner: Taiwan!
Taiwan: EP-C100 hybrid fuel system for buses, trucks and autos ; United States of America: LED street lighting in the city of Ann Arbor; Sweden: Malmö

Category YOUTH – winner: Argentina!
Argentina: Food self-sufficiency in Argentine school fights poverty and malnutrition; Slowenien: Eco-Generation; Morocco: Eco-Schools Program

22-03-2009: De tiende editie van de Energy Globe World Awards staat gepland op dinsdag 14 april 2009 in Praag. Prime Minister of the Czech Republic en EU Council President Mirek Topolanék, EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas, Czech Vice-Premier en Environment Minister Martin Bursík plus alle milieuministers van de EU, EFTA inclusief die van de kandidaat EU-landen zullen aanwezig zijn

Daarnaast zijn er nog wat andere gasten uitgenodigd zoals Carol Browner (climate advisor of US President Barack Obama), Dr. R. K. Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Het programma wordt opgeluisterd met tal van bekende artiesten.

Tijdens het Energy Globe Gala dat live wordt uitgezonden, worden de winnaars bekend gemaakt uit de inzendingen vanuit 90 landen. Bronnen: Europees Parlement en Energy Globe

24 mei 2008: Kijk dat is nog eens een fraaie award. Heeft wel wat weg van een prijs voor een groot voetbaltoernooi zoals het EK Voetbal 2008.

De 9de Energy Globe Awards voor lokale milieuprojecten zullen tijdens een ceremonie in de plenaire zaal van het Europees Parlement op 26 mei 2008, die om 20.00 uur begint, worden gepresenteerd.

De voorzitters van het Parlement, de Commissie en de Raad, Hans-Gert Pöttering, José Manuel Barroso en Janez Janša zullen waarschijnlijk de awards aanbieden. Projecten rond de wereld die het gebruik van schone en vernieuwbare energieën bevorderen zullen in vijf verschillende categorieën concurreren: Aarde, Vuur, Water, Lucht en Jeugd.

De ceremonie zal door actrice Désirée Nosbusch worden gepresenteerd. De gasten zullen o.a. zijn: ex-V.N. Secretaris-generaal Kofi Annan, Indiaas vroegere milieuminister Maneka Gandhi en de Indische filmster Aamir Khan. Mikhail Gorbachev zal een ‘lifetime achievement award’ ontvangen. De heer Gorbachev’s dochter Irina Virganskaya zal ook aanwezig zijn, net als voorzitter van de Groene Kruisstichting. De ceremonie van 90 minuten zal ook optredens door zangers Dionne Warwick, Zucchero en Alanis Morissette omvatten.

De ‘Energy Globes’ belonen lokale en regionale projecten die bijdragen aan energiebehoud, milieubescherming, of de levering van basismiddelen zoals water en elektriciteit aan verre en arme gemeenschappen. 109 Landen nemen deel aan de versie van 2008.

De jury wordt voorgezeten door Maneka Gandhi. Op de ochtend van 27 mei zal een debat in het EP worden gehouden over energie-efficiency, met de participatie van de heren Pöttering, Gorbachev en Annan en Mej. Gandhi. Ook dit wordt door EbS uitgezonden. U kunt de uitzending hier live volgen

Het Parlement werkt aan de EU-strategie van de klimaatverandering, waar het doel, de ’20-20-20 tegen het jaar 2020′, (20% verhoging van energie-efficiency, 20% minder broeikasgassen en een 20%-aandeel van hernieuwbare energie in het totale energieverbruik van de EU, allen tegen het jaar 2020) centraal staat. Het maakt momenteel wetgeving – op voet van gelijkheid met de Raad van Ministers – over de revisie van EU emissiehandelstelsel; over de emissies van CO2 van personenauto’s, over vernieuwbare energiebronnen en biofuels, over het verbinden van nationale doelstellingen voor emissievermindering en over de opslag van koolstof. Bron: Europees Parlement

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  1. Erik van Erne zegt:

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    De Nederlandse ontwikkelingswerker Auke Idzenga is één van de drie genomineerden in de categorie Water van de Energy Globe prijs voor duurzaamheid. De prijs wordt op maandag 26 mei s’avonds uitgereikt tijdens een groot televisie-evenement vanuit de vergaderzaal van het Europees Parlement, door voormalig secretaris van de Verenigde Naties Kofi Annan, de voorzitter van het Europees Parlement Hans-Gert Pöttering en voorzitter van de Europese Commissie José Barosso.

    In totaal 800 projecten uit 100 landen dingen mee naar de prijzen in de categorien Aarde, Water, Vuur, Lucht. Bron: Nieuwsbank

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  3. Erik van Erne zegt:

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    Energy Globe World Award 2017 winners

    Category Earth: The project of the Rural Green Environment Organization includes reforestation through community involvement in one of the remotest and poorest mountainous valleys in Afghanistan.

    Category Fire: Kalinga Institue of Social Sciences has found a great way to reduce the ecological footprint for large scale cooking, with solar power, steam cooking systems, bio-gas plants, solar water heating systems, and rain water collection. This helps the staff becoming more effective and ensures better living conditions for indigenous students

    Category Water: The Sarcheshmeh mine needs water for the production process. Because of the dry area water supply is not easy. Therefore, Kerman Copper Region has created an integrated water master plan (IWMP). It includes diverse steps from a water treatment plant to earth dams.

    Category Water: Puritas Sath Diyawara provides clean drinking water to people affected by chronic kidney disease. Reverse osmosis water purification systems are established in each village with multiple docking stations in and around the village.

    Category Air: The Austrian Post is reducing their ecological footprint by replacing conventional vehicles with electric vehicles and therefore reducing CO2 emissions and avoiding emissions of harmful exhaust gases.

    Category Youth: Zero Waste School (Ecostuff Romania) has involved more than 40,000 students in various ecological education activities. Keep Danube clean! – bike tour is a 30-day educational bike caravan following the Danube river across 10 countries.

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