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Imagine H2O: The 2009 Water Efficiency Prize and The 2010 Water Energy Nexus Prize

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Imagine H2OImagine H2O is a not-for-profit company with a mission to inspire & empower people to solve water problems. The vision is to turn water problems into opportunities. Hosting prize competitions for water innovation including the 2009 Water Efficiency Prize and the 2010 Water-Energy Nexus Prize. 

Not only cash prizes for the best ideas, but also an incubator program to help competing entrepreneurs turn their plans into game-changing real-world solutions. Our program helps innovators identify problems that have social impact and major commercial market opportunities, chooses the most promising plans, and brings together world leaders in water business, government, and social enterprise to help our contestants turn ideas into self-funding, high impact solutions.

On September 1st, Imagine H2O has launched its 2010 Water Energy Nexus Prize.  This $100,000 prize is a global search for water startups that save energy.  The deadline for entries is November 15th, 2010.  Join Imagine H2O’s  global ecosystem for water innovation to learn more about the competition and connect with water innovators from around the world.

The struggle for clean water is the challenge of our time. We’re entrepreneurs, so to us, that means it’s our greatest opportunity. Ever thought about where your water comes from? How much you use? Whether it will be there tomorrow when you turn on your tap? Over a billion people lack access to clean water. Right now. Even in the US, pollution, scarcity, and a crumbling system of pipes and plants threaten our water supply. Availability of clean water and sanitation will be the dominant issue of the coming decades, touching everything from human life, to health, to economics. We’re turning these problems into opportunities.

Winner of the the 2009 Water Efficiency Prize: Fruition Sciences is a technology-enabled information business that offers a solution for winemakers and vineyard managers who want to produce top quality, sustainably (optimized irrigation and management practices) farmed wines, year after year. The 2009 prize purse included $70,000 of cash prizes and in-kind services including legal, tax, and accounting services. In addition, winners benefited from publicity opportunities and from in-depth business incubation including mentorship, introductions to financiers, potential beta customers and go-to-market partners.


The 2010 Water-Energy Nexus Prize:  Delivery and production of clean water currently come at sizable energy costs. The more than 60,000 water systems and 15,000 wastewater systems through the country are huge energy consumers, using 3% of annual electricity consumption in the United States. The EPA estimates that retrofitting one out of every 100 homes with water-efficient technologies could save 100 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year and avoid adding 80,000 tons of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere (6). In some parts of the country, you can save more energy by turning off the tap than by turning off the lights. Provision of water cannot rely on cheap, abundant energy supplies forever. Tomorrow’s water supply system is an energy-efficient one, and Imagine H2O’s prize competition will highlight the ideas that will get us there.

The Water-Energy Nexus competition will identify promising start-ups that save energy in moving, treating and using water and wastewater. Criteria for a water-energy nexus start-up: A business that serves customers’ water or wastewater needs. A business that offers energy savings as a primary selling point for its product or service. Customers will see a measurable decrease in energy costs associated with moving, treating or using water because of this approach.

Jennifer Connelly in Charity: Water Clean Water Africa

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