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Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE Winner: The Edison2 Very Light Car

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progressive-insurance-automotive-x-prize.bmp17-09-2010: The Edison2 Very Light Car Number 98, made by a Virginia company, took home $5 million for its use of lightweight materials and superior aerodynamics. The car is powered by a single-cylinder motorcycle engine, which burns a mix of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, mounted at the back of an extremely lightweight frame.

The other two winners took home $2.5 million each for electrive drive vehicles. Team X-Tracer from Switzerland won for a car that got more than 197 mpg — the highest rating in the competition. The car, which sits low, looks like a motorcyle with a cab on top.

The MOve2, made by Li-Ion motors from North Carolina, is a two-seat electric vehicle, which gets 187 mpg on a single charge with a maximum range of 200 miles received also $2.5 million. Source: The guardian

29-07-2010: At the final stage still 9 cars are in the race for The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE to win their share of a $10 million prize purse. This brings us to the exciting final day of the finals event. Nine vehicles remain: 2 Edison2 vehicles in the mainstream class, 2 X-Tracer vehicles in alternative tandem, and 5 competitors in the alternative side-by-side category (Aptera, Li-ion Motors, RaceAbout, Zap, and TW4XP). Teams will compete in a timed event called the “Combined Efficiency and Performance Test”, in which they will travel a minimum of 100 miles for the alternative classes and 200 miles for the mainstream class. Teams may not exceed 70mph, but the total time to complete the course and MPGe will be important factors that will be considered when determining the winning vehicle for each class.

Teams in Final Stage:
Aptera – Aptera 2e (32)
Edison2 – Very Light Car (97) and Edison2 – Very Light Car (98)
Li-ion Motors – Wave II (27)
RaceAbout Association – RaceAbout (10)
TW4XP – TW4XP (33)
X-Tracer Team Switzerland – E-Tracer 7002 (72) and X-Tracer Team Switzerland – E-Tracer 7009 (79)
ZAP – Alias (8)

With the on-track elements behind them, the surviving Finalists move on to coast down testing at Chrysler’s Proving Grounds in Chelsea, Michigan where each vehicle will be instrumented, accelerated up to 80 mph on a flat level road course, put in neutral (or its equivalent), and quite literally coasted to a stop. Sensors record three key pieces of data: (1) Aerodynamic Resistance, (2) Rolling Resistance, and (3) Mechanical Resistance. Each is a key input to the Validation Stage testing.

Validation Stage testing will be conducted throughout August at Argonne National Lab facilities just outside Chicago. There, on-track performance will be verified on dynamometers and final eligibility for the Grand Prize will be determined. The winners will be announced at a formal awards ceremony in Washington, DC September 16.

1 juli 2010: After the Knock-Out Stage still 15 cars are in the race for The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE to win their share of a $10 million prize purse. To narrow the field of competitors, Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE officials will re-conduct inspections and certify readiness for knockout stage challenges. In order to pass this stage, teams must demonstrate that their vehicles can achieve at least two-thirds of the stated 100 MPGe (miles per gallon or energy equivalent) goal while also meeting expectations for range, emissions, and real world performance. Achieving emissions thresholds will prove a significant hurdle for teams in this stage as will the “hill climb” challenge. JULY 23, 2010 OPEN HOUSE (PUBLIC EVENT), Location: Michigan International Speedway

The greater Michigan community will be invited to a free one-day event to see some of the vehicles close up, meet and learn about the finalist teams in the DASH+ national high school contest— an element of the competition’s national education program, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy— and explore a variety of interactive and informative booths and displays focused on innovation around fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. They will also have access to the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE technical team, which will provide insight into what each scoring leg is designed to calculate and explain how the competitors are challenged to prove that their vehicle can average the targeted 100 MPGe. Hours of both public days are 10:00am-4:00pm. Please note: There will not be any food or refreshment conession stands available for this event. JULY 19-30, 2010 FINALS STAGE (COMPETITION EVENT), Location: Michigan International Speedway

To identify the top finalists in each class, after a quick repeat of the static and dynamic safety checks, the remaining teams will compete in scored on-track challenges, and close with a “coast down” exercise to gain key performance information about the aerodynamics and rolling resistance to properly prepare the vehicles for the validation stage. Speed will be important and a maximum and minimum time for events will be established. AUGUST 2010 VALIDATION STAGE (COMPETITION EVENT), Location: Argonne National Labs (Chicago, IL)

In this final technical event, the top finalists in both the Mainstream and Alternative classes will undergo dynamometer testing under controlled laboratory conditions at certified labs to verify technical performance results. The results of this testing, combined with the speed, efficiency and emissions results from the earlier events at Michigan International Speedway, will determine the winners of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE.

Teams after Knock-Out Stage:
amp – amp’d Sky (13)
Aptera – Aptera 2e (32)
Edison2 – Very Light Car (95) and Edison2 – Very Light Car (97) and Edison2 – Very Light Car (98)
Li-ion Motors – Wave II (27)
RaceAbout Association – RaceAbout (10)
Spira – Spira4u (4)
Tango (Commuter Cars) – Tango T600 (49)
Tata Motors – Indica Vista EV X (9)
TW4XP – TW4XP (33)
Western Washington University – Viking 45 (45)
X-Tracer Team Switzerland – E-Tracer 7002 (72) and X-Tracer Team Switzerland – E-Tracer 7009 (79)
ZAP – Alias (8)

14 mei 2010: The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE announced 22 teams representing 27 vehicles survived Shakedown – the first of three on-track testing stages – and will now move on to the Knockout Qualifying Stage to be held June 20-30 at Michigan International Speedway (MIS) in Brooklyn, Mich.

Twenty-eight teams, representing 36 vehicles from across the globe were invited to MIS to officially start on-track performance testing as part of the Shakedown competition stage on April 26. Of the 28 teams that were invited, 24 participated in the Shakedown Stage. Of the 24 participants, 22 will return for the pivotal Knockout Stage, the second of three on-track stages and the first scored competition stage. Two teams – TW4XP (Germany) and K-Way MOTUS (Italy) – will complete the Shakedown Stage June 16-18, as both teams were unable to participate in the regularly scheduled events due to travel restrictions in Europe resulting from the Iceland volcano eruption. Both teams will be required to pass the technical inspection and mandatory driving events before moving on to the Knockout Stage.

Mainstream Class Teams: Mainstream Class vehicles must carry four or more passengers, have four or more wheels, and offer a 200-mile range.
American HyPower, Centennial, Colorado (Gasoline, Hydrogen)
BITW Technologies, Palmyra, Indiana (Biodiesel)
Cornell 100+ MPG Team, Ithaca, New York (Biodiesel)*
Edison2, Charlottesville, Virginia (E85)
Enginer, Troy, Michigan (Gasoline + Steam)**
Global-E, Mandeville, Louisiana (Gasoline & Electric)**
Illuminati Motor Works, Virden, Illinois (Electric)*
Liberty Motors Group, Botkins, Ohio (Gasoline)
West Philly Hybrid X (EVX), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Gasoline)

Alternative Class Teams: Alternative Class vehicles must carry two or more passengers and allow for a 100 mile range.

amp, Blue Ash, Ohio (Electric)
Aptera Motors, Vista, California (Electric)
Tata Motors Limited, Coventry, United Kingdom (Electric)
Edison2, Charlottesville, Virginia (E85)
OptaMotive, San Jose, California (Electric)
RaceAbout Association, Helsinki, Finland (Electric)
Team EVI, Mooresville, North Carolina (Electric)*
Team EVX, Dallas, Texas (Electric)
West Philly Hybrid X (EVX), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Biodiesel)
Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington (Gasoline)**
ZAP, Santa Rosa, California (Electric)

Edison2, Charlottesville, Virginia (E85)
FVT Racing, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada (Gasoline)*
Spira, Banglamung, Chonburi, Thailand (Gasoline)
Tango (Commuter Cars), Spokane, Washington (Electric)
X-Tracer Team Switzerland, Uster, Switzerland (Electric)

NOTE: Teams marked with a single asterisk (*) received a “conditional” pass during the Shakedown Stage. Teams marked with a double asterisk (**) received a “probationary” pass.

21 februari 2010: The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE has chosen the state of Michigan to host an intense multi-stage competition that aims to pit some of the world’s most fuel efficient vehicles against one another in a quest to win their share of a $10 million prize purse.

Qualified Teams have passed the second judging stage of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE. After acceptance of their Registration Application, these teams have gone on to pass a series of rigorous reviews of their Business Plan and Technical Specifications. They are now working to meet the challenges of the track events, which begin at the end of April 2010.

These competitors come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from large auto manufacturers to independent backyard inventors. They heard the call to action and decided that they can make a difference.

Each team has a different strategy for winning the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE, and each idea has the potential to revolutionize the world. Their stories are inspiring, and we are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to get to know each of our competitors. Follow their progress through their blogs, videos and press articles to see how they are making a difference in your world.

Qualified teams are planning to arrive in Michigan for the start of on-track performance events in the spring of 2010, thanks to a unique new partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and the Michigan International Speedway (MIS), announced at the North American International Auto Show.


The series of scored performance and evaluation events kicks off April 26, 2010 and continues through the end of August 2010. During this time, the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE will conduct several competition stages aimed at evaluating the efficiency, safety and performance of each competition vehicle under real world conditions. While in Michigan, the competition will allow the public and the automotive world an opportunity to witness the competition stages as they unfold.

10 november 2009: Automotive X Prize – 43 Qualified Teams.

Automotive X Prize: The world’s first hybrid K1 Attack Supercar – Automotive X Prize: De Motive AXP – Automotive X Prize: The eVaro by Future Vehicle Technologies – Automotive X Prize: The Edison2 Very Light Car – De ZAP Alias – electric sportscar sneller dan een Porsche !

12 april 2009: De inschrijving is gesloten en er zijn precies 111 teams toegelaten tot de competitie, waaronder twee teams uit Nederland, GOMECSY en THE FINISHING DUTCH.

25 maart 2008: Al eerder schreef ik over de opmerkelijke wedstrijd van de X Prize Foundation, de Google Lunar X Prize. Vorige week werd tijdens de New York Auto Show de volgende prijs aangekondigd, de Progressive Automotive X Prize. Het doel is simpel. Ontwerp een productiegereed model van de meest energiezuinige auto ter wereld en de 10 miljoen dollar is binnen !

Er hebben zich inmiddels al een stuk of 60 teams aangemeld, waaronder in elk geval de Tesla Roadster en de Aptera. Het zal mij niet verbazen als ook de Morgan Life Car, de Lightning en de Pininfarina Sintesi in het definitieve deelnemersveld opduiken. Bronnen: Gas2.0 en X Prize Foundation Zie reacties voor drie filmpjes van de aankondiging door Progressive.


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    Video Illuminati Motor Works Gets Eliminated for Automotive X Prize

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