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CES 2011: The 2011 International Consumers Electronics Show Showcase for Electric Vehicles

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15 oktober 2021: 70 Nederlandse Startups Op Techbeurs Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 In Las Vegas

10 oktober 2010: The 2011 International Consumers Electronics Show (CES) for the first time ever, showcase a full range of electric vehicles (EVs), charging equipment and energy storage devices.

In order to better understand America’s perception of EVs, the CEA’s market research division conducted an online consumer study titled “Electric Vehicles: The Future of Driving.”

The study concludes that while many Americans may be intrigued to try out EVs, very few know much about them.

See also: The 50th edition of IFA: Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, iZone and eBooks – CEATEC Japan 2010: Digital Harmony Technology for Comfortable and Eco Living

CES continues to work to improve its green footprint each year, including at the upcoming 2011 International CES, which will run January 6-9 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Building upon its green initiatives, the 2011 CES will again feature the Sustainable Planet TechZone, sponsored by Earth 911, which will showcase world-changing technologies that benefit the environment, utilize new forms of sustainable energy, renew resources and contribute to the global development. This exhibit area will feature products and services that make it possible for everyone to stay connected, informed and live sustainable lifestyles. The Electric Vehicle TechZone will also highlight the latest technology behind electric vehicles for consumers seeking to live more sustainably through alternative transportation.

Consumers are open to considering an electric vehicle in the future, with 42 percent reporting they are likely to follow news reports about electric vehicles. However, overall awareness of the various types of alternative vehicles remains low. While nearly one-third (32 percent) report they are familiar, or very familiar, with hybrid vehicles, only about one-quarter are familiar with electric-powered vehicles (25 percent).

For the first time, electric vehicles will be featured at the 2011 International CES, showcasing a full range of high- and low- speed vehicles, energy storage devices and charging equipment. This new CES TechZone will feature major automotive companies, including Audi, in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s North Hall. Those consumers who are open to buying an electric vehicle cite the positive environmental impact and potential cost savings as primary reasons to do so. More than three-quarters of those surveyed (78 percent) said the vehicle’s ability to run without gasoline is the greatest advantage, followed by less pollution (67 percent), and the lack of need for oil changes and tune-ups (60 percent).

“For a new product category, interest in electric vehicles is strong and likely to grow as more vehicles enter the market and consumers become more aware of them,” said Chris Ely, CEA’s manager of industry analysis. “Manufacturers, dealers and other sellers will need to emphasize mileage and battery-related specifications when promoting and selling electric vehicles.” According to the study, consumers perceive several disadvantages about electric vehicles. Concerns about mileage potential before needing to recharge (50 percent) and battery life (34 percent) top the list. Cost of the vehicle, reliability and availability of charging stations are also key concerns many consumers have.

The study finds running out of battery power on the road (71 percent), lack of charging stations and/or not being able to recharge (66 percent) and limited mileage (59 percent) are the most common perceived disadvantages with electric vehicles. Home charging stations may also impact purchase decisions. Half of consumers (51 percent) would be less likely to consider purchasing an electric vehicle if they would have to install special charging equipment for the batteries.

The 2009 International CES was named North America’s Greenest Show by Trade Show Executive Magazine. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), producer of CES, was awarded the highly coveted “Leader in Green Initiatives” Gold 100 Award for outstanding green presence in producing the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, the International CES.  CEA works with its event partners to produce recycling programs and to promote those initiatives to CES attendees. Attendees at the 2009 CES were able to recycle, reuse and conserve while conducting a year’s worth of meetings in one business trip. See more greening efforts at CES.

12-12-2009: De grootste en belangrijkste internationale beurs voor consumenten electronica gaat groen ! De CES van 7 tot 10 januari in LasVegas gaat het na 40 jaar anders aanpakken en dat is mooi ! Men heeft een heel pakket aan milieumaatregelen ingevoerd om het gehele evenement verregaand te vergroenen. Nu de exopsanten nog. Benieuwd met welke duurzame innovaties die gaan komen.

CES 2010: Video Samsung’s 14-inch transparent OLED Laptop – CES 2010: Philips Eco Televisies 7000 LED Series – CES 2010: De Flinterdunne Samsung LED 9000 Series – CES 2010: Sony NWZ-A845 OLED Walkman – CES 2010: De LG EL-9500 OLED TV – CES 2010: De LG INFINIA LED en Plasma Televisies LE8500, LE7500 en PK950 – CES 2010: Asus Waveface Ultra, de OLED armband – CES 2010: LG 15-inch AMOLED-TV – CES 2010: Neato XV-11 All-Floor Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – CES 2010: Intel Infoscape Core i7 graphics

CES 2009: LG LED BLU Backlight LCD Monitor – CES 2009: De MOTO Renew W233 is carbon-neutral – CES 2009: LG Sunlight illuminated LCD Display – CES 2009: De energiezuinige OLED komt eraan – CES 2009: Preview coolest things at the big show by Wired – CES 2009: De Energizer Rechargeable Solar Charger – CES 2009: De Solarbulb tuinverlichting by Miniwiz – CES 2009: De Horizon MiniPak hydrogen-powered portable charger

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    The Fourth Annual Mashable Awards Come to CES 2011

    Mashable is proud to present the fourth annual Mashable Awards, which celebrates major innovations and achievements in the digital and social media landscape by companies, people and projects via an open, multilingual, international, community-nominated voting platform.

    Millions of votes will be cast in 25 categories ranging from “Best New Gadget” to “Must-Follow Brand.” Following three months of competition, the Mashable Awards Gala will kick off the 2011 International CES on January 6, 2011, at Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity stage in Las Vegas. Source: CES

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    The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Announced Recipients of 62nd Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards to Take Place at CES 2011

    The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced the recipients of the 62nd Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards that will take place on Thursday, January 6th, 2011 as part of the 2011 International CES in Las Vegas. This event marks the fifth consecutive year that the Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards have been presented in conjunction with CES. The presentation will take place in the Marcello Ballroom at The Venetian beginning at 6:30 p.m.

    Launched in 1948, The Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards honor development and innovation in broadcast technology and recognize companies, organizations and individuals for breakthroughs in technology that have a significant effect on television engineering.

    The National Academy’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in Technology and Engineering will be presented to Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman and CEO of Sony Corporation. Sir Howard Stringer is one of the most respected executives in the communications industry. Since joining Sony Corporation in 2005, he has proven to be an innovative leader while heading the company’s high-profile expansion into digital broadcasting, the Internet and computer technology, including 3D TV. Source: CES

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    CES 2011: CEA Launches Tech Enthusiast Membership for Individuals

    For the first time in its 86-year history, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has created a membership category exclusively for individuals who are early adopters and fervent supporters of consumer technology. Members receive benefits such as online discounts from technology companies, beta testing opportunities and insider industry information on the latest technology trends.

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    LG unveils Total Home Appliance Solution ahead of CES

    Just a few days ahead of CES, LG announced its Total Home Appliance Solution. Based on the Smart Grid concept, where all electric appliances are connected to each other, LG will enable you to control from a single location (PC, Smartphone, Tablet…) all you electrical usage and electric appliances ranging from your Fridge, Dishwasher, washing mashing, Dryer, Air conditioning system as well as LG’s up-coming HOM-BOT, a robotic vacuum cleaner.

    The idea here, like any Smart Grid is for you to make sure that each appliances are the most efficient possible while using the less power as possible. Thanks to Wi-Fi you will now be capable to find our if your washing machine is out of balance or even know if your Fridge door is still open or not. Also this system includes a smart meter to en-sure that appliances use the minimum amount of energy at the least expensive rates as possible.

    Finally, being always connected together and to the internet, LG Smart Access Monitors will be capable to help you to troubleshoot any problems you may have with any of your appliances and either fix it remotely or dispatch a technicians to your home that will be fully aware of what’s may be the problem with let’s say your dishwasher. Source: Akihabara News

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    Samsung showcase lightest 3d glasses in the world at CES-2011

    Samsung will be introduce the lightest 3D glasses in the world at CES-2011. In co-operation with the austrian company Silhouette Samsung reached the goal to reduce the weight by 10g.

    The 3D glasses with advanced materials weight only 28g. In addition the 3D glasses can detect if they are used or not with a automatically Auto Power on/off function.

    As we reported Samsung Mobile Display show a A 19-inch qFHD Transparent AMOLED for TVs and monitors: World’s first large-screen transparent AMOLED production prototype and a A 4.5-inch WVGA Flexible AMOLED offering world’s highest flexible display resolution at CES-2011. Source: OLED Display

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    CES 2011: Walking the line at CES by CNet

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    CES 2011 ASUS Unveiling of the Eee Pad

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    CES 2011: Show Preview

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    CES 2011: Continental Automotive at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

    Vehicle designs and colors change each year but it is the integration of consumer electronics technologies into the vehicle interior that is really fueling future driving experiences. Continental, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, is engineering hardware, software and systems that are powering the vehicle with an “Always On” connection and linking drivers and passengers to content and information in new ways. Continental will showcase some of its latest Interior innovations to its automotive customers and consumer electronics partners during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) being held January 6-9 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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    CES 2011: Ford Focus electric car makes debut at electronics show

    Ford says it will unveil the battery-power Focus, going into production late this year, on Friday at the big Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, not at the Detroit auto show next week.

    The Detroit show, officially the North American International Auto Show, is the most prestigious car show in the U.S. because it gets the most support from automakers and draws the biggest media crowd. Of course, that means automakers have to work oddball angles to stand out among the clamor at the NAIAS. Using the CES is Ford’s answer.

    The Focus EV is based on the not-yet-launched 2012 gasoline Focus small car, meaning that Ford didn’t have to create a unique electric-car chassis.

    Focus EV is expected to have a battery range of about 100 miles. That’s the same as the Nissan Leaf electric that went on sale last month. Source: Electric Vehicle News

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    CES 2011: Asus Presents IRIS Waveface concept extension

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    3D Sony HDR-TD10 3D HD Handycam Camcorder Debut at CES 2011

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    Panasonic at CES 2011

    Panasonic Zero-Emission Eco Ideas House: Saving, Creating, and Storing EnergyPanasonic Eco Ideas: New Eco Ideas Targets for Panasonic Europe announced at IFA 2010Panasonic 100th Anniversary in 2018: No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry

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    CES 2011: First Look at the Vizio Phone and Vizio Tablet

    At CES 2011, flat-screen TV maker Vizio is making the jump into the smartphone and tablet computer markets, and introduces the Vizio tablet.

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    CES 2011: Sony Glasses-free 3D LCD Display

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    CES 2011: Motorola Xoom tablet

    Motorola Xoom to boast barometer, budding meteorologists have found their next tablet
    To say Motorola’s Xoom had a coming-out party at CES would be understating things greatly. It was easily one of the highlights of the show, and the potential that was shown was obviously just part of the story. According to Moto’s developer page, there’s actually a barometer included, right alongside an accelerometer, magnetometer, ambient light sensor and gyroscope. Oddly enough, a proximity sensor is left out of the mix, but seriously… a barometer? Truth be told, this is actually just an oft overlooked point that was first shown in VZW / Motorola’s joint press release, but it’s good to know that at least one flagship slate will be compatible with Android 2.3’s barometer support. Here’s hoping it’ll be useful for helping you sidestep ugly weather patterns, or something of the sort. Source: Engadget

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    CES 2011: Toshiba Tablet

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    CES 2011: CEA Releases Sustainability Report, Highlights Tremendous Progress Industry has Made in Green Initiatives

    The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) recently released the CEA 2010 Sustainability Report to highlight the tremendous progress the industry has made in its green initiatives, from designing more energy efficient products to cutting greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) at facilities, to developing a national electronics recycling infrastructure.

    The report, an update to CEA’s first-ever sustainability report in 2008, tracks the industry’s green efforts throughout a consumer electronics (CE) product’s entire lifecycle. The CEA 2010 Sustainability Report contains 21 separate case studies from a variety of CE companies illustrating progress in their environmental efforts. The report further provides transparency on green practices across the industry.

    “The consumer electronics industry is committed to greening its products and practices for the benefit of consumers, communities and the overall environment,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CEA. “In the past three years, we’ve made great strides in our environmental efforts, by creating more green products, improving energy efficiency and deepening our commitment to electronics recycling. We know there is work remaining, and we will press forward with these initiatives in 2011 and beyond.”

    Following are some highlights of environmental progress evidenced in the report:

    Greener designs: Industry-wide unit sales of U.S. products registered with EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) grew by 10 percent in 2009, to a total of 48.5 million products. Individual companies also made noteworthy milestones in green design. One manufacturer, for instance, conducted a comprehensive life cycle analysis for every product it ships to determine where greenhouse gases are created. After discovering 97 percent of the emission derived from manufacturing and product use, the company focused on designing new products that use less material, smaller packaging, and are as energy efficient and recyclable as possible.

    Green packaging: Many consumer electronics companies are switching to renewable materials, including bio-based plastics, or recyclable materials instead of clamshell packaging and are looking to reduce the amount of packaging they use. For instance, one video service provider consolidated its shipments and decreased its use of cartons by more than one million in 2009 — a 75 percent reduction from the previous year. In 2011, all of the providers’ products will be packed with 100 percent recyclable materials.

    More efficient facilities: Many manufacturers have set ambitious goals for reducing GHG at their facilities. Meanwhile, other companies have launched efforts to cut power consumption at their data centers.

    More energy efficient products: According to the EPA, 27,000 CE product models currently meet ENERGY STAR specifications. The average energy savings of ENERGY STAR electronics devices range from 20 to 55 percent. An example of this progress is one semiconductor design company created a chip that can reduce its GHG by up to 40 percent by combining the processing and graphics processing units and the Northbridge chipset onto a single chip.

    eCycling: The consumer electronics industry recycled 200 million pounds in 2009, and industry supports more than 5,000 permanent collection sites nationwide. Some examples of these efforts include one CE retailer collecting 100 million pounds at its 1,200 U.S. locations and one computer manufacturer operating an eCycling program at more than 2,200 U.S. Goodwill sites.

    “The CE industry’s commitment to sustainability is unmistakable,” said Walter Alcorn, CEA’s vice president of environmental affairs and industry sustainability. “More and more, our member companies are finding what makes good environmental sense also makes good business sense in the form of reduced costs and invigorated employees. Our sustainability efforts will continue in earnest this year, and CEA will continue to provide the resources to member companies to help bolster these initiatives.”

    The full report is available at CE Green

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    Nike and TomTom unveil Game-Changing Nike+ Sportwatch GPS Powered by TomTom at CES 2011

    NIKE and TomTom have collaborated to create the Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom. The new running watch, unveiled today at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, will provide athletes with the most dynamic and motivational running experience in the world thanks to its unique functionality, beautiful design, and direct connection to Nike+, the world’s leading running community with almost 4 million members.

    The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is designed for high-performance with an extremely clear and readable user interface that delivers the information necessary to the user while in-run. It adds personalization and motivational features to the running experience, including audible sounds, challenges, run reminders and more. “The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is a game-changing product that furthers our commitment to provide all athletes with unparalleled motivation and the tools to get better,” said Stefan Olander, VP of Nike Digital Sport.

    The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is scheduled to be at retail stores and online in the U.S. and the U.K. beginning April 1. Broader distribution is scheduled for July 1. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS will be previewed for consumers at and beginning today.

    “It is part of TomTom Consumer’s strategy to move into the fast-growing sports and fitness market. This true partnership with Nike combines the strengths of two leading companies to deliver a game-changing product for runners,” said Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director, TomTom Consumer. TomTom is the world’s leading provider of location and navigation solutions.

    On-Watch Experience: The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is designed to be simple and intuitive with only three buttons and a Tap Screen for navigation. During the run, the new Nike+ SportWatch GPS captures location information while showing runners their time, distance, pace, and calories burned on an easy-to-read screen featuring a customizable layout. Throughout the run, the GPS receiver works in tandem with the shoe-based Nike+ Sensor to deliver highly accurate pace and distance data.

    On-watch features include:
    • Tap Screen for setting laps and activating backlight
    • Run History with data from past runs
    • Personal Records including those imported from
    • Quick Start with optional shoe-based Nike+ Sensor
    • Heart Rate Monitor compatibility

    Some of the unique motivating factors the Nike+ SportWatch GPS offer runners on-screen include:
    • Recognition (or “Attaboys”) for personal records
    • Run Reminders that appear after five days if a run has not been logged
    • Post-run acknowledgement and encouragement

    Post-Run Experience
    The Nike+ SportWatch GPS plugs neatly into any USB port on a Mac or PC, then immediately launches the Nike+ Connect interface which automatically transfers information to

    “With more than 150 million runs logged since its launch in 2006, captures the pulse of the running world everyday,” added Olander. presents runners with the GPS mapping, total miles, pace and elevation data for their most recent run in a rich and engaging way that will be familiar to users of the popular Nike+ GPS iPhone application.

    “Providing runners with accurate pace, distance and location information during and after their run gives them the information they need to better train and track their progress,” added Vigreux. Data from each run is automatically applied to all current Nike+ Challenges, Nike+ Goals, and Nike+ Coach programs in which the runner is participating.

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    CES 2011: Eton Raptor Adventure Tool

    Eton is at the Consumer Electronics Show to unveil the Raptor, an adventure tool that’s small enough at 11 ounces not to weigh you down, but packed with an impressive array of features that just might help you avoid and/or get out of trouble.

    A monocrystal solar panel powers Eton’s 1800mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, then the fun – and safety – begins.

    Raptor gives you an altimeter, barometer and compass.

    It also has an AM/FM/WB digital radio tuner (with presets to NOAA weather alerts, of course).

    And with the USB connection, the unit – which can also be charged by DC power – can be used to juice your cell phone.

    Pretty important, considering how many people are plucked from danger in the wilderness after reaching rescuers via their cell phone.

    Source: EarthTechling

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    Xooming along at CES 2011

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    CES 2011: Asus unveils four tablet PCs

    Netbook pioneer Asustek Computer unveiled four new tablet devices on Tuesday, including the 10.1-inch touchscreen Eee Pad Slider with the latest version of Google’s Android mobile OS, Honeycomb, and the 12-inch touchscreen Eee Slate E121, which has Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS.

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    CES 2011: Take a look at the Connected Home Appliances Tech Zone

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    CES 2011: Verizon Reveals First 4G Wireless Tablets, Phone

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    CES 2011: Panasonic Viera Tablet Unveiling

  27. Erik van Erne zegt:

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    CES 2011: LG Presenting World’s First Wi-Fi Direct Smartphone

    LG is busily preparing its CES presentation area right now, where the well known Optimus 2X is being joined by a pair of intriguing new devices, the Revolution you see above, an LTE-connected handset that seems destined to ride Verizon’s minty fresh 4G network, and an Optimus Black (pictured after the break). The latter handset promises the “power of light” housed within an “innovatively slim smartphone with the best display clarity.” Both the allusions to slimness — we’ve found specs listing it as a 9.2mm-thick device with a 4-inch screen — and display prowess match up to the LG “B” device we’ve seen leak out previously, which LG itself promised will be launching at CES. Other details include Wi-Fi Direct certification and the world’s first two megapixel front-facing camera. It’s gonna be a fun week, to be sure.

  28. Erik van Erne zegt:

    8 januari 2011 om 06:01 | Permalink

    CES 2011: Samsung Smart Fridge with Wi-Fi, Twitter, Pandora, Epicurious

    Smart FDR (French Door Refrigerator) with wi-fi Connectivity. For those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, the future is here: Twitter, Pandora (yes, straming music with built-in speakers!), Epicurious, and more!

  29. Erik van Erne zegt:

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    CES 2011: Lady Gaga unveils Polaroid Grey Label

  30. Erik van Erne zegt:

    8 januari 2011 om 06:44 | Permalink

    CES 2011: Time-Lapse Tour of Technology

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    2011 CES: NRG The new wave of Electric Vehicle Charging EVGO

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    CES 2011: Wearable HD 3D cameras by GOPRO

    Andy Walker checks out GOPRO’s booth at CES 2011 and speaks with Liz McGarrity about the GOPRO’s HD cameras. These cameras can capture up to two and a half hours of HD video, come with their own attachments and can even be paired to shoot in 3D.

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    CES 2011: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android phone

  34. Erik van Erne zegt:

    10 januari 2011 om 17:19 | Permalink

    Jam-packed CES draws more than 140,000 visitors to Vegas

    The 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, known as CES, was a blow-out success with more than 140,000 attendees, according to preliminary figures released tonight.

    The 140,000-figure is 10 percent above the 126,000 attendees for the January 2010 show. CES is the biggest technology trade show in the world. It’s a great barometer for the health of the $900 billion-plus tech economy and it offers the best glimpse into the future of tech gadgets and services coming in the new year.Source: Venture Beat

  35. Erik van Erne zegt:

    10 januari 2011 om 17:29 | Permalink

    CES 2011: 3M Introduces 32″ Multi-Touch Screen

  36. Erik van Erne zegt:

    11 januari 2011 om 10:59 | Permalink

    CES 2011: The nPower PEG Personal Energy Generator

  37. Erik van Erne zegt:

    13 januari 2011 om 10:42 | Permalink

    10 New Tablets Ready to Challenge the iPad by Mashable

    One of the standout trends of CES 2011 was the tablet. No fewer than 80 tablets were on display from manufacturers from across the globe, each hoping to take a piece of the growing market, led by the iPad.

    Most of the tablets, unsurprisingly, were running Android(). With details of Android 3.0 Honeycomb just starting to eke out in earnest at the show, most tablet makers were instead running customized versions of Android 2.2 or 2.3. By the time many of the tablets we looked at hit the market, we expect that they will ship with Honeycomb. Source: Mashable

    Motorola Xoom and Android Honeycomb Demo

    Detailed Demo: BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

    ASUS Transformer

    VIZIO VIA Tablet and Mobile Phone Demo

    Dell Streak 7 Demo


    Panasonic Tablet to TV

    ASUS PC Slate

    Dell Wireless Living Room and Streak 7 Demo

    ASUS Slider

  38. Erik van Erne zegt:

    14 januari 2011 om 16:57 | Permalink

    Wi-Fi Only Galaxy Tab from Samsung at CES 2011

  39. Erik van Erne zegt:

    17 januari 2011 om 10:00 | Permalink

    Sony announces Bloggie Touch and Bloggie 3D

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