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What to Expect from the Well-Regarded ACT Test?

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College doesn’t open doors for you. It’s you who open doors to college. In this transformative academic quest of yours, the closest key to take you to a prominent college institution in the United States is the ACT. If you’re not familiar with ACT, it’s a national standardized test that first emerged in 1959.

Passing this test serves as your admission in a distinguished US college school—a significant vehicle to transport you to greener educational pastures. To give you a firmer background of the test, we’ve set out a thorough discussion of the exam’s important details. Let’s get to them and prepare to ace the coming exam.

Like any other admission test, the American College Testing, shortly known as ACT, will measure your intuitive capacity on different sections. Everything you’ve learned in high school must be concentrated and poured on four sections Click Here.

Exam Sections
Specifically, you will have to answer a series of questions on the following: Math, English, Science and Reading. A comprehensive explanation of the content for each section will be tackled below. Anyhow, depending on your preference or your respective school requirement, you can answer the writing section. However, this part is only optional. For the four sections, you must complete the time limit of 2 hours and 55 minutes. Answering the writing section will take you an additional 40 minutes. So, basically, you’ll be completing the entire exam in 3 hours and 35 minutes with the inclusion of the latter section.

English Section
A series of 75 questions will be testing your reading comprehension, rhetorical and writing convention skills. Answering this section must not last more than 45 minutes. You must successfully take on at least five reading passages and answer its corresponding questions. These are formatted in a multiple-choice question style. Aside from that, you must be primed in responding to questions on grammar and other important writing conventions such as subject-verb agreement, punctuation and pronoun usage.

Reading Section
For this section, you must spend careful time reading the passage in order to successfully answer each question. This is for the reason that the questions are not chronologically ordered according to the passage to which they are drawn. Let’s explain it in a simple portrait. For example, you’re about to answer question 28, with a line that reads, “As it is used in line 19, this word means” and so on and so forth. This means that you need to go back to question 19—a mile away from your position considering the brisk 35-minute you have for all 40 questions. This type of questions calls for your attention since it can take much of your time. To avoid scrolling back and forth from the previous questions, be attentive and digest each of the given questions and save more time.

Science Section
How the questions are laid out in this section is closely similar to the reading section. Both 35 minutes long, this section will give you reading passages to which a number of questions are referred to. To sum it up, you will have to read seven passages, for which the 40 questions will be portioned. The passages may involve graphs, experiments, scientific methods and two persuasive perspectives from one scientist to another that are bound to test your scientific knowledge, skills and reasoning. For each passage, you have at least seven questions to answer. Also, there’s no need to be alarmed at the sight of different scientific terminologies. Prior to the exam, you must be accustomed to reading biology, chemistry and the likes in order to familiarize this section. Gather everything you’ve learned in each of your science classes in high school and answer the ACT with confidence!

Math Section
Highlighted much in the exam is algebra. Before anything else, it’s important for you to take note that the ACT doesn’t provide test-takers a reference guide for math formulas. This basically means that you must memorize the formulas before your exam day. You are only given 1 hour to answer all 60 questions related to logarithms, matrices, geometry and such. For each question, you will be given five choices to pick your answer from. These are either presented in an A-E or F-K multiple choice format. Test-takers who are not that confident in answering grid-in questions will be relieved of the multiple-choice format of ACT.

Writing Section
As mentioned, this section will take 40 minutes to finish. You will only read one short essay on a given issue and your coherent opinion will be needed. In arriving at a specific viewpoint, you must first analyze the issue using various perspectives and weigh each of them. Upon doing so, you must then back it up with logical and sufficient evidence.

Exam Price
Excluding the writing section, the ACT costs $46.00. If you include the writing section, however, you’ll pay a total of $62.50.

Test Preparation Materials: The Official ACT Prep Guide 2018-2019 Book

As the internet blasts in ACT resources, there’s no telling which one is accurate and not. Not with ACT’s official book, though. In this material, you can trust that all the information is crafted and verified by ACT’s finest professionals.

ACT Prep Pack
Otherwise, you can opt to get the official ACT Prep Pack, which includes access to numerous learning supplies. The official book is already included in the pack, along with several flashcards, practice tests, six-month access to ACT Online Prep, along with many others.

ExamSnap: Check ExamSnap website to get the most valid prep materials for the ACT test. This website is popular among the candidates sitting for the test, because of the most updated exam dumps that it provides. In addition, these files are carefully checked by experienced IT professionals, that guarantees their validity. Furthermore, ExamSnap is the best resource for the ACT test preparation, because it offers a splendid collection of video courses, that will enhance your knowledge of the test details. In any case, check ExamSnap website to make sure how many beneficial materials if offers.

Taking the national exam seals your dedication to entering college. This is your chance to study at the most renowned college institutions in the U.S, so do the best you can! Be fully prepared for the ACT test with the materials provided on ExamSnap website and tackle the test easily. Remember that the ACT test will help carry your college dreams to reality.

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