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The Green Product Award 2022 And The Green Concept Award 2022 by Green Future Club

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Under the umbrella of the Green Future Club, exhibitions & events and special projects are organized in addition to the awards.

For example, young designers with sustainable concepts for products & services benefit from the Concept Support program, which is implemented in cooperation with the IKEA Foundation.

Here there is not only a toolkit & presentation template but also it an active support, so that new sustainable concepts succeed better. The Special Calls are about developing sustainable showcases together.

The two awards annually showcase an international collection of the current best sustainable products and concepts. Vote among the Nominees of the Green Product Award 2022 and the Green Concept Award 2022 online during the public voting until January 31st and for trend-seekers, there are Green Trend Books to purchase.

Since 2013, the Green Product Award distinguishes products and services, good in sustainability, innovation & design. It is aimed at products & services on the market from start-ups and established companies who wish to highlight their sustainable achievements.

The Green Product Award raises awareness & visibility through its own channels (7 million online contacts) and additionally with the media and trade fair partners in Germany. Outstanding participants have a chance to become a Member of the Green Future Club to enhance their network. Creators of visionary concepts – not on the market yet – head to the Green Concept Award.

The categories are chosen along the themes of the leading fairs and publications to create the highest impact of change. Check the categories to know more. NEW: With the special calls we connect participants from different categories.

The Green Concept Award is aimed at young designers, researchers, students and start-ups who want to show, develop, test or market their concepts in order to change society and the economy. The mission: develop and execute green concepts that shall replace non-sustainable products in the future!

Every year, the Green Future Club awards concepts for sustainable materials, products and services that are not yet on the market with the Green Concept Award.
It is aimed at students, young designers, researchers, start-ups and companies who want to showcase, further develop or market their concepts in order to change society and the economy.

We support a selection of participants in the sense of an innovation agency with a variety of activities such as support with presentations and press work as well as introductions to the media, industry and investors.

Aligning the 9th award circle, we are preparing two new special calls in which we bring the experience of Green Product Club members to support young designers in the development of future solutions.

Farm waste 2 products – Concept call for products that can be made from materials produced in the course of breeding and harvesting of organic waste. Pre-consumer waste, which accumulates in large quantities on the farm, distribution centers.

Kuro Unit – Concept call for sustainable, modular, small building units for temporary living (and working) in the city and country. Because it’s time for “buildings and cities that can flexibly adapt to the changing needs of users.” Kisho Kurokawa

Participation in the Open Calls is possible as a university team, group, studio, lab, company or as an individual. The projects are accompanied in cooperation with new partners Cumulus University Network and the Deutsche Bauzeitschrift as well as other partners.

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