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Ringling Bros Circus Beats Elephants: The Saddest Show on Earth

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Circus RinglingYou may have wondered how Ringling Bros gets 8,000-pound elephants to perform tricks like sitting up and even standing on their heads, but soon you know.

Ringling breaks the spirit of elephants when they’re vulnerable babies who should still be with their mothers. Unsuspecting parents planning a family trip to the circus don’t know about the violent training sessions with ropes, bullhooks, and electric shock prods that elephants endure. Never-before-seen photos reveal how Ringling Bros circus trainers cruelly force baby elephants to learn tricks, and it’s not through a reward system, as they claim. Explore the photos that will make parents think twice about taking their child to the circus.

See also: Was the Star of Water for Elephants Beaten for the Movie? – Wilde Dieren de Tent Uit Heft Zichzelf Op: Wilde Dieren in Circus in Nederland Verboden

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is known for its long history of abusing animals. In 1929, John Ringling ordered the execution of a majestic bull elephant named Black Diamond after the elephant killed a woman who had been in the crowd as he was paraded through a Texas city. Twenty men took aim and pumped some 170 bullets into Black Diamond’s body, then chopped off his bullet-ridden head and mounted it for display in Houston, Texas. Ringling’s cruel treatment of animals continues today.

Elephants in Ringling’s possession are chained inside filthy, poorly ventilated boxcars for an average of more than 26 straight hours—and often 60 to 70 hours at a time—when the circus travels. Even former Ringling employees have reported that elephants are routinely abused and violently beaten with bullhooks (an elephant-training tool that resembles a fireplace poker), in order to force them to perform tricks. Read more about the Ringling whistleblower who told PETA about the shocking death of a lion and the abuse of elephants in Ringling’s care.

Since 2000, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has cited Ringling numerous times for serious violations of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), such as the following: Improper handling of dangerous animals. Failure to provide adequate veterinary care to animals, including an elephant with a large swelling on her leg, a camel with bloody wounds, and a camel injured on train tracks. Causing trauma, behavioral stress, physical harm, and unnecessary discomfort to two elephants who sustained injuries when they ran amok during a performance. Endangering tigers who were nearly baked alive in a boxcar because of poor maintenance of their enclosures. Failure to test elephants for tuberculosis. Unsanitary feeding practices. In fact, the USDA currently has open multiple investigations of potential violations of the AWA by Ringling.

At least 26 elephants, including four babies, have died since 1992, including an 8-month-old baby elephant named Riccardo who was destroyed after he fractured his hind legs when he fell from a circus pedestal. Elephants are not the only animals with Ringling to suffer tragic deaths. In 2004, a 2-year-old lion died of apparent heatstroke while the circus train crossed the Mojave Desert. Ringling Beats Animals


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  1. Ron zegt:

    26 september 2010 om 20:59 | Permalink

    De link met “milieunet” en milieuvraagstukken is bij dit artikel geheel afwezig.

    Het is de vreemde hobby van politiek links en extreem rechts om dit soort berichten steeds weer op het internet te plaatsen. Deze praktijken zijn NIET maar dan ook NIET maatgevend voor de omgang met dieren in West-Europese circussen.

  2. Erik van Erne zegt:

    26 september 2010 om 21:35 | Permalink


    Inderdaad is er totaal geen link met Milieunet. Heeft ook niets te maken met milieuzaken, maar wel met dierenmishandeling.

    Deze blog staat los van stichting Milieunet en heet Anders Bekeken en gaat al sinds de start in op tal van onderwerpen, zie de lange lijst bij de rubrieken. Eén daarvan is dierenmishandeling. Daar heb ik iets op tegen en dat kan niet genoeg in de media worden gebracht. Ik steun PeTA al jaren en dit is één van hun acties.

    Ik heb het niet over West-Europese circussen maar alleen over Ringling Bros Circus. Of wilt u soms ontkennen dat daar iets goed mis is? Kan overigens niet beoordelen of het in West-Europa wel allemaal netjes gaat, maar ik neem aan dat u dat niet zomaar zegt.

  3. Erik van Erne zegt:

    5 januari 2011 om 21:23 | Permalink

    The Truth About Ringling Brothers Circus

  4. Erik van Erne zegt:

    22 januari 2011 om 10:56 | Permalink

    China Bans Abusive Animal Circuses

    China’s government instated a ban on animal circuses and certain types of animal abuse practices at zoos or face closure.

    The ban is with good reason, as some truly horrendous crimes against animals have been taking place. Including such run-of-the-mill practices as pulling the teeth out of tiger cubs so that visitors can safely hold them, selling animal parts in gift shops, and serving dishes in restaurants made from rare animals.

  5. Erik van Erne zegt:

    16 april 2011 om 13:43 | Permalink

    Thai Baby Elephants Tied Down, Beaten, Bleeding and Screaming

    Baby elephants are taken from their mothers, tied down, and beaten so severely that they bleed and scream, all in order to force them to perform ridiculous tricks for tourists.

    See also: Imogen Bailey: Help Thai Elephants

  6. Erik van Erne zegt:

    5 mei 2011 om 00:49 | Permalink

    Shocking new cruelty exposé shames UK circus industry

    Animal Defenders International have released shocking footage from behind the scenes at the winter quarters of Bobby Roberts Super Circus, which graphically shows violence and confinement of circus animals.

    ADI secured footage over a three and a half week period from a camera observing activity in a barn where the animals are kept when not touring, which shows a staggeringly high level of violence and serious animal husbandry flaws. Incidents included Annie (Anne), an elderly, severely arthritic 57 year old elephant being hit with a metal pitchfork and kicked around the face and body 48 times over the period of observation by workers, who are also seen beating and spitting on a camel and beating miniature ponies and horses on numerous occasions.

  7. Erik van Erne zegt:

    10 juli 2011 om 00:57 | Permalink

    More video evidence of movie elephant suffering released by ADI as elephant experts condemn abuse

    Wildlife vet describes training at elephant suppliers for Water for elephants: “Nothing rivals the cruelty I have witnessed over the last few days.” Dr. Mel Richardson. Animal Defenders International release more shocking footage from Have Trunk Will Travel, where elephants including Tai and others are used in the movies Water for Elephants, Zookeeper and Britney Spears’ circus video, was trained.

  8. Erik van Erne zegt:

    11 augustus 2011 om 04:42 | Permalink

    Ringling Bros. Elephant Falls and Collapses in Anaheim

  9. Erik van Erne zegt:

    10 oktober 2011 om 21:56 | Permalink

    Jillian Michaels Protests Ringling Bros

  10. Harry zegt:

    6 mei 2012 om 20:09 | Permalink

    Wel heel erg ongeschoolde en zeer ongeschikte gasten die, zoals in de filmpjes
    weergegeven, met dieren omgaan. Deze intelligente dieren verdienen het niet om als “dingen” behandeld te worden. Je kunt aan het voorkomen van de zognaamde dompteurs als zien dat het meer behoort tot de asociale soort.
    Circus is niet meer van deze tijd en dient ook snel te worden verboden. Al was het maar om de dieren uit de handen van het ergste soort dier, de mens, te houden die niet waard zijn om met dieren om te gaan. Mishandelen van dieren om kunsten te vertonen ter vermaak,onbegrijpelijk.

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