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What’s behind BP’s logo? Redesign BP’s logo Competition by Greenpeace

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Behind the BP logoA few years ago, BP rebranded themselves as ‘beyond petroleum’. And yet BP wants to invest billions of pounds into the Canadian tar sands – the dirtiest oil there is.

They are threatening the Canadian wilderness, indigenous people, and the climate at precisely the time we should be cutting carbon emissions.

That’s why we want you to rebrand them. Your brief is to create a logo for BP which shows that the company is not ‘beyond petroleum’ – they’re up to their necks in tar sands. The winning logo will be used by us in innovative and exciting ways as part of our international campaign against the oil company. See all BP logo’s

We’re after the best ideas and concept, not necessarily the slickest logo. So if you’re not a professional designer don’t worry. If you’re the overall winner we’re offering you a day with a top graphic designer to transform your idea into a final product. Source: Greenpeace Behind the Logo 

The Alberta Tar Sands: Trailer movie H2Oil – Tar Sand Watch: TAR Nation Play the Game Now – Shell in Tar Sands – Toxic Fuels: Trailer Dirty Oil narrated by Neve Campbell – Trailer Crude: The Real Price of Oil By Joe Berlinger – Toxic Fuels: Trailer Petropolis by Peter Mettler – Olieramp in de Golf van Mexico: Gevaar voor kust van Louisiana en Mississippi

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  1. Erik van Erne zegt:

    19 juni 2010 om 11:44 | Permalink

    25,000 Barrels of Oil Seen a New Way

  2. Erik van Erne zegt:

    30 juni 2010 om 11:06 | Permalink

    Behoorlijke Problemen: BP’s groene imago is verloren

    Nu het imago van BP in duigen ligt, wordt pas goed duidelijk hoe effectief de ‘groene’ reclamecampagnes van BP, Shell en andere oliemaatschappijen waren. De vervuilers maakten van hun zwakke plek hun kracht. Lees verder bij De Groene Amsterdammer

  3. Erik van Erne zegt:

    30 juni 2010 om 13:57 | Permalink

    BP’s website covered with massive #oilspill

  4. Erik van Erne zegt:

    1 december 2010 om 06:37 | Permalink

    BP says to Cancun: Invest in the tar sands, Back to Black

    Day two of the Cancun climate summit and you would have thought that politicians and companies would be tripping over themselves to portray themselves as clean and green. But not BP. The oil giant is off-loading assets left, right and centre. Just days ago BP announced it was selling its Argentinean Pan American Energy for $7.06bn to its joint venture partner, bringing to $20 billion the amount it has raised in its asset sale.

    What better way to send a message to the climate conference in Cancun than for BP to announce it was pulling out of the dirty carbon-belching tar sands? But quite the reverse has happened. BP has announced it is committed to developing the tar sands. Full steam ahead. The company will even fund the first $2.5bn spent on its Sunrise tar sands project in northern Alberta, even though it owns only 50 per cent of the venture.

    BP described the commitment to the project as “a significant milestone” for the company, saying it represents a “40-year secure and stable source of production for North America.

    A number of shareholders and environmental groups have already pointed out to BP “the potential implications” for the climate from the tar sands. BP has totally ignored those concerns. The company promised a new, safety regime in the light of Deepwater. This move is not safer for the climate. Source: Price of Oil

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