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The Vanity Fair 100: The 2010 Next Establishment Mark Zuckenberg of Facebook is the new Ceasar

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Vanity Fair 100Many of the moguls on Vanity Fair’s annual list of the 100 most influential have rebounded from a disastrous 2009, but the hoodie-and mock-turtleneck-wearing top two never even slowed down.

Two years ago, when Facebook recruited its 100-millionth user, a celebratory toga party was thrown by C.E.O. Mark Zuckerberg, a classics buff who is prone to spontaneously reciting Homeric verses from memory. Since then the stunningly successful Web site has quintupled its size to a staggering half-billion participants worldwide, and that slender 26-year-old cloaked in the hoodie—Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world like a Colossus! This year Vanity Fair anoints Zuck as our new Caesar. He rules from the imperial capital of Palo Alto, California, the Rome of our nascent millennium.

In this, the 16th annual ranking of the 100 most influential people of the Information Age, V.F. has also heaped some new honors on that other prince of Palo Alto, Steve Jobs, now that his Apple is worth even more than those great conquerors Google and Microsoft. Time and again Jobs has ascended the stage to reveal what he would majestically proclaim to be yet another revolutionary device that would transform media and communications—and every time he has been remarkably prescient. Upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed that he is grown so great? He’s a vegan!

The Top 3 of  The 2010 Next Establishment:
WORLD-DOMINATION WATCH: The wildly popular social-networking Web site, valued at around $25 billion, added its 500-millionth member this summer, and those “friends” share more than 30 billion pieces of information a month. Facebook runs more banner advertisements than any other Web site (176 billion a quarter) and drives more U.S. visitor traffic to some sites than even Google. Revenues this year could reach $2 billion.

STAGE OF GLOBAL CONQUEST: Having saved the music business and conquered the smartphone market, Jobs is now looking to salvage the publishing industry—and forever alter the world of mobile computing—with the iPad. Released amid a Parousian frenzy, the one-and-a-half-pound computer tablet sold one million units in just 28 days, a milestone that took the now ubiquitous iPod nearly two years to reach. With sales of iPhones expected to top $20 billion this year, up from $630 million in 2007, it’s no wonder that Apple blew past Google and Microsoft to become the most valuable tech company on the planet.

SWORN ENEMY: Steve Jobs, who characterized Google’s motto, “Don’t be evil,” as bullshit. Jobs reportedly felt betrayed by his erstwhile allies for their muscling in on the lucrative mobile-devices business, which the geekocracy now believes is the future of computing. Critics predicted that Google’s Android phones might eclipse the iPhone by 2012. It’s war between the two companies now, a surprising shift from not long ago, when Schmidt sat on Apple’s board, Brin and Page looked to Jobs as a mentor and role model, and Brin and Jobs would take walks together in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Look at the complete Top 100 of The Vanity Fair 100 of 2010. You will find EVAN WILLIAMS and BIZ STONE, TWITTER at 9, LADY GAGA at 23, OPRAH WINFREY at 34, BONO at 35, JAMES CAMERON at 36, ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, ARIANNA HUFFINGTON at 42, GEORGE CLOONEY at 66 and WILLIAM McDONOUGH, ARCHITECT at 84. Source: Vanity Fair

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  1. Erik van Erne zegt:

    8 september 2010 om 09:14 | Permalink

    Vegans Top Vanity Fair’s Top 100

    It’s official: Vegans are taking over the world. Just ask Facebook CEO and vegan Mark Zuckerberg, who tops Vanity Fair’s annual list of the 100 most influential people. Number two on the list—Apple’s Steve Jobs—is a vegan as well! And tweet this: Twitter cofounder Biz Stone (number 10) is also living la vida vegan. Source: PeTA

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