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The Global GREEN Awards 2019 for Creativity in Sustainability: The Winners

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9 July 2019: As the centrepiece of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL, the GREEN AWARDS has once again awarded the world’s most innovative green projects and minds.

The 18 finalists from 9 nations have been celebrated with a spectacular stage show.

Mercury Prize nominated Nick Mulvey and German artist NENA thrilled the audience with their live performance.

Lifetime Achievement Winner: Paul Polman, Sustainability pioneer
Paul Polman is a sustainability champion, who helped defining a new era of responsible capitalism. As the former CEO of Unilever, Paul Polman implemented the famous Unilever’s Sustainable Living strategy, which has been widely hailed as an exemplar for corporate sustainability strategies and unlocked significant investments in green product development, supply chain improvements, and packaging innovations.

Rising Star of The Year (16 – 25 years): Ann Makosinski, Inventor
Since her parents encouraged her from an early age to make her own toys – first with wood and then with transistors – Ann invents the Hollow Flashlight, a torch that shines through the warmth of the human hand. She received the highest awards at both the Google and Intel science fairs and is considered by Forbes as one of the world’s greatest innovators under 30.

Innovation of the Year: Ferguson Marine
Ferguson Marine reached the final stage of a programme to deliver what is expected to be the world’s first sea-going vehicle and passenger ferry that will employ carbon-free hydrogen as energy source, powered entirely by fuel harvested from renewable (wave and tide) sources. The HySeas III will lead the world in marine technology.

Game Changer of the Year: Plastic Bank
Plastic Bank developed a simple concept of a bank, that accepts plastic as a currency. Following the vision of a world without waste and where the consumption regenerates humanity and employment they are now expanding to Indonesia.

Start-up of the Year: Skipping Rocks Lab
Ooho is a sustainable flexible packaging for liquids made from seaweed-extract. As such it is a 100% natural alternative to plastic bottles, cups and sachets. The Ooho material degrades in a natural environment in 6 weeks on average and is also edible.

Forward Actor of the Year (female): Dr. Shimrit Perkol-Finkel, Founder of ECOncrete
After one of her many dives and the shock of seeing all the ecological damage done by concrete ports, breakwaters and piers, the marine biologist and ecologist Shirmit Perkol-Finkel founded ECOncrete, in 2012. The structures, developed by ECOncrete, are designed to accelerate the growth of marine plants and animals while also contributing to the concretes strength and stability.

Forward Actor of the Year (male): Cyrill Gutsch, CEO & Founder of Parley for the Oceans
For the founder of Parley for the Oceans – the organization dedicated to preserving the oceans and eliminating plastic from the planet – it is all about eco innovation.

Special Prize Norway: Yara International Asa & Kongsberg Gruppen
Two of Norway’s largest companies have decided to work together and to develop something, that will enable to set new standards for future short sea shipping. Building the world’s first autonomous, zero-emission, ballast free container ship, they will set the standard for future shipping.

Green Awards 201023 November 2010: Here are the shorlisted organisations for the global GREEN AWARDS 2010. The winners of each categories and the Grand Prix winner will be announced at the GREEN AWARDS 2010 Ceremony, on Thursday 2nd December 2010, at the Natural History Museum, hosted by Jo Wood and Wayne Hemingway MBE.

Launched in 2006 to critical acclaim, the International Green Awards were set up to recognise strategies that use creativity in an engaging and effective manner, leading to more sustainable outcomes. It is now an established event on the global sustainable business-calendar.

Green AwardsBy showcasing “best in class” examples of effective, innovative and creative approaches to sustainability, the International Green Awards™ aims to be an agent of change. To this end, the Awards team searches the globe every year to find true influencers, leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators, identifying worldwide sustainability success stories that inspire and motivate others. It is no exercise in fluffy back-patting.

The awards are aligned with the Brundtland Commission’s definition on sustainable development, stated as: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

The Awards are part of the Royal Society of Arts Environment Award Accreditation scheme and all submitted entries require evidence of efficacy and transparency. Previous winners have included Nokia, Marks & Spencer, Toyota and the China Environmental Protection Foundation.

In 2010, the International Green Awards went completely global and were opened for worldwide participation in every category. This was a major step forward for the Awards, in the fifth year of its production. Last year, the Awards featured a total of 16 categories, including three new ones: Best Green Use of Mobile Apps & Technology, Best Green Product Innovation and Best Green Educational Project. The coveted International Green Awards™ Grand Prix was won by the ‘China Environmental Protection Foundation’, for an innovative outdoor campaign created by DDB China to promote a reduction in vehicle use.

The International Green Awards™ has expanded again and reorganised its categories by looking to support sustainable achievement right across Business, Government & Citizen initiatives that influence change to encompass 360° sustainability projects as well as encompassing its heritage to identify best practice with sustainability communications.

Best Green Educational Project (Promoting Sustainable Development Issues)

PVR Nest – “CineArt 2010- Cinema & Art for Social Change” (India)
Nedbank Limited – “Caring for our Communities and Saving our World” (South Africa)
Changeworks Resources for Life – “Kitchen Canny” (UK)
Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC – “Let’s Grow” (UK)
International Environment Action Association – “Carton Pack Art Contest” (South Korea)

Best Green New Product Innovation

Kingspan Renewables – “Varisol” (UK)
Energy Saving International – “SavaSocket Multi-Socket 6” (UK)
Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. – “SolidWorks Sustainability” (USA)
Method – “Method laundry detergent with smartclean technology™” (USA)
Abellon CleanEnergy Limited – “Eco-Chulha: Biopellets-based Community Cooking Stove” (India)
Kranium – “Kranium Cycling Helmets” (UK)

Best Green Third/ Charity Sector Campaign Award

Keep Britain Tidy – “Get Behind Keep Britain Tidy” (UK)
Friends of the Earth – “Fix the Food Chain” (UK)
Republic of Bike – “Republic of Bike – a new model for sustainable transport” (UK)
Green Revolution Association – “I’Velo” (Romania)
International Advertising Association – “Hopenhagen” (USA)

Best Green Advertising Award (Print & Outdoor)

China Environmental Protection Foundation – “Green Pedestrian Crossing” (China)
Toyota Sweden AB – “Toyota Glass of Water” (Sweden)
Coop – “Oecoplan” (Switzerland)
Greenpeace – “Apology From the Future” (UK)

Best CSR Report Award

Kingfisher plc – “Future Homes CR Report” (UK)
Tesco PLC – “Tesco Corporate Responsibility Report 2010” (UK)
The Co-operative Group – “The Co-operative Sustainability Report 2009” (UK)
John Lewis Partnership – “A Shared Passion” (UK)
MITIE Group Plc – “Responsibility at the heart of our business” (UK)

Best Green Direct Response Award (Direct Mail /Drtv / Dr Radio Etc)

Arjowiggins Graphic – “No Co2mpromise” (UK)
Arjowiggins Graphic – “What One Tree Means To Me” (UK)
Just Drinking Water Ltd – “Aquapax A6 Postcard” (UK)

Best Green Event Award (Shows / Exhibitions)

Apa Nova Bucharest – “The Day When The Entire City Recycles” (Romania)
National Trust – “A Plant in Time – A Touring Exhibition” (UK)
Global Business of Biodiversity (GBOB) –  “The first ‘Global Business of Biodiversity’ Symposium” (UK)

Best Green Internal Communications Awards

Aster Group – “Planet Passion”  (UK)
NATS – “Small Steps – Acting Responsibly Internal Communication Campaign” (UK)
Anglian Water Services Limited – “Biodiversity Field Guide & Intranet” (UK)
Telefonica O2 UK – “Think Big” (UK)

Best Green International Campaign Awards

The Timberland Company – “Don’t tell us it can’t be done” (USA)
Kimberly-Clark Professional – “Reduce Today – Respect Tomorrow” (USA)
Convention on Biological Diversity – “The International Year of Biodiversity” (UK)
Greenpeace – “Action-Pact” (Australia)

Best Green Mixed Media Award (Integrated)

International Advertising Association – “Hopenhagen” ( USA)
Toyota Sweden AB – “Toyota Glass of Water” (Sweden)
Mooncup Ltd – “Love Your Vagina” (UK)
Green Party – “Green Party General Election campaign” (UK)
Yealands Estate Wines Ltd – “My Green Idea” (New Zealand)

Best Green Moving Image Award (Audio-Visual / TV Spot / Short Film / Animation)

Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change – “The Shave” (Greece)
Emirates Wildlife Society (EWS) / WWF United Arab Emirates – “UAE Ecological Footprint Animation” (UAE)
Coop -“C’est réel” (Switzerland)
Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) – “The Low Carbon Communities Challenge Film” (UK)
Scottish Government – “Greener Travel & Transport” (UK)
Story of Stuff Project – “The Story of Bottled Water” (USA)

Best Green Packaging Award

Dell – “Bamboo – nature’s packaging solution” (USA)
Puma AG – “Clever Little Bag” (Germany)
Planet People – “iQ: The Smarter Cleaner” (Canada)
Lush – “Knot Wrap Scarves” (UK)

Best Green PR Campaign Award

RecycleBank – “Waste not, want not” (UK)
Coca-Cola HBC Romania – “Separate Collection Program” (Romania)
Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers – “Our Guests Are Electric” (Denmark)
British Gas – “Generation Green Think Tank” (UK)

Best Green Public Sector Campaign Awards

Gateshead Council – “Your New Blue Bin – Changing Recycling Behaviour” (UK)
Forum for the Future – “Farming Futures – practical action on climate change” (UK)
MaiMultVerde – “Monument to the Unknown” (Romania)
Greater London Authority (GLA) – “Capital Growth” (UK)
Lambeth Council – “BIG Difference: Helping the environment” (UK)

Best Green Use of Online Media Award (Banners / Social Media Campaigns / Websites)

Ecomodo – “The marketplace of good returns” (UK)
J Sainsbury plc – “Our values make us different” (UK)
Cape Farewell – “2010 Expedition Blog” (UK)
London Borough of Brent – “BrentGoingGreen” (UK)
Greater London Authority – “Climate Change Adaptation Consultation” (UK)

Best Green Use of Mobile Apps and Technologies

Toyota Sweden AB – ” Toyota Glass of Water” (Sweden)
River Cottage – “Landshare” (UK)
Royal Horticultural Society – “Grow Your Own” (UK)
London Borough of Brent – “Brent Going Green” (UK)

20 August 2010: The media and marketing industry’s Global GREEN Awards recognise and reward creative work that communicates the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainable development and ethical best practice in any sector and across any marketing discipline.
Now in its 5th year the GREEN Awards has become an established event on the global eco-calendar. The Awards illustrate the crucial role that needs to be played by green marketing and sustainability communications in informing people about green issues, products and lifestyle choices, and showcase examples of excellence and best practice in communicating sustainability and green issues. Previous winners include Nokia, Marks & Spencer, UNEP and Do the Green Thing.

The GREEN Awards are going Global, this year for the first time, all the categories are opened for entry from all over the world. The Global GREEN Awards 2010 recognise excellence in 16 categories from Best Green Educational Project through to Best Green Advertising Award.  The Awards are now open for entries, and entry forms are available on the website.

The important dates  for the Global GREEN Awards 2010 are: Awards open for entries: Monday, 19th July 2010. Awards close to entries: Friday, 30th September 2010 (12 AM ). Shortlist announcement: Mid October. The Global GREEN Awards ceremony: 2nd December 2010.


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