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The First Cradle to Cradle-Festival The Next Industrial Revolution: Blueprint Netherlands in Berlin

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Cradle to Cradle FestivalThe first Cradle to Cradle-Festival – The Next Industrial Revolution will take place from January 26th 2011 till March 17th 2011 in Berlin, Germany.

Under the banner “Blueprint Netherlands”, the Festival will celebrate the enormous success of Cradle to Cradle worldwide and honour the Netherlands as a prime example to learn from.

See also: Cradle to Cradle Festival Berlin Documentary – Der Internationale Cradle to Cradle Kongress 2015 in Lünenburg, Germany

The Cradle to Cradle-Festival will increase the knowledge and potential of the Cradle to Cradle strategies in order to improve the present and future living conditions for all beings of the world. A central exhibition displays a kick-off symposium, lectures, roundtables and workshops with international universities. There will also be presentations from global Cradle to Cradle companies on their impressive results in economy, products and policy.

Celebrating the Cradle to Cradle-Festival means active exchange of expertise and experience amongst the participating partners. It provides a massive communication potential and serves as a stimulus for a global change beyond simple sustainability. An important presence at the festival will be Dutch industrialists, municipalities, regional planers, policy makers as well as designers and architects. Their encouraged innovative approaches and related state-of-the-art products and services will be presented, discussed, and celebrated at the Cradle to Cradle-Festival.

The Aedes Architecture Forum and Network Campus in Berlin is an internationally renowned architecture and culture network. Aedes has affected thousands of people over the last 30 years with 400 exhibitions and forums on several relevant societal topics. The co-founders of the Aedes, Dr. Kristin Feireiss and Hans-Jürgen Commerell, want to introduce a new generation of exhibitions. Therefore the Cradle to Cradle-Festival is going to be a new, innovative event format called “FairEx” which combines an economic fair and congress with cultural and artistic contributions. This format offers the opportunity of innovative presentation possibilities to inspire visitors who are interested in Culture, Economy and Innovation. Source: EPEA

Cradle to Cradle Criteria for the Built Environment by Douglas Mulhall and Michael Braungart –Video Cradle To Cradle Explained – Cradle to Cradle Islands in the North Sea – C2C ExpoLAB: Enjoying Development of Cradle to Cradle Knowledge – Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute: Train 100 Assessors, Certify 1,000 Products by 2015 – Aeschbacher – Abfall ohne Abfall mit Michael Braungart beim Schweizer Fernsehen – Boek Cradle to Cradle in Bedrijf en Cradle to Cradle (Afval=voedsel) – INTERREG IVC-project tilt Cradle to Cradle Network naar Europees Niveau – Video Cradle to Cradle: An Explanation by Reggs Design

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  1. Erik van Erne zegt:

    13 januari 2011 om 15:34 | Permalink

    Duurzaam luchtkasteel

    In 2002 sloeg het begrip ‘cradle to cradle’ in als een bom. Het radicale concept voor een wereld zonder afval vertaalde zich in hoopvol stemmende initiatieven. Maar nu? ‘Misschien was de term ‘revolutie’ achteraf wat te ambitieus.’

  2. Joost Valk zegt:

    27 januari 2011 om 23:43 | Permalink

    Misschien noemde men het destijds ook geen revolutie maar is die term achteraf bepaald. Ik zie het meer als een stap in de evolutie, of weer-opnieuw-evolutie. Ja dat kun je ook uitspreken als revolutie.

    Geen geweld maar een grote verschuiving in ons bewustzijn. Die zich er tegen verzetten lopen vast. Maar de groep mensen die het prachtige proces van verandering toelaten in hun leven ontdekken dat toepassen van de wet van Zwaarte kracht langzaam aan plaats maakt voor toepassen van de wet van Aantrekkingskracht.

  3. Erik van Erne zegt:

    2 februari 2011 om 01:10 | Permalink

    March 9 and 10 Declared “McDonough Days” at Cradle to Cradle Festival Berlin

    William McDonough will join Michael Braungart at the Cradle to Cradle Festival in Berlin, a celebration of Cradle to Cradle as a cultural revolution and highlight the application of Cradle to Cradle in the Netherlands. March 9 and 10 are designated as “McDonough Days,” when Bill McDonough will attend the conference. March 9, there will be an evening keynote address by McDonough, and on March 10, there will be a dialogue between McDonough and Braungart, which will be moderated by EPEA’s Anna Griefahn. A special guest participant in the dialogue will be Dr. Coert Zachariasse of Delta Development, which is currently creating a full service development, Park 20|20, in the Netherlands.

  4. Erik van Erne zegt:

    9 februari 2011 om 01:48 | Permalink

    Cradle to Cradle Festival in Berlin – Doku – Deutsch

    Cradle to Cradle – von der Wiege zur Wiege – ist ein Prinzip, das die Weltwirtschaft und damit unser Leben in Zukunft verändern wird. Das Ziel ist, Abfall komplett abzuschaffen. Der Weg dahin: Produkte werden von vorn herein so konzipiert, dass sie nicht nur für den Menschen, sondern auch für die Natur – für den biologischen Kreislauf – wertvoll sind. Plastikverpackungen und alte T-Shirts kann man einfach kompostieren, wenn sie dafür entwickelt sind. Fernseher lassen sich komplett in ihre Rohstoffe zurückzerlegen – und sind Nährstoff für neue Technikprodukte. Das ist keine Science Fiction, sondern bereits Realität. Viele Produkte, die man auf dem Cradle to Cradle Festival in Berlin sehen kann, beweisen das eindrucksvoll. Vordenker für dieses Prinzip ist der Deutsche Chemiker Michael Braungart.

  5. Erik van Erne zegt:

    9 februari 2011 om 02:04 | Permalink

    New film about Cradle to Cradle on ARTE

    On February, 15th 2011 at 20:15h a new film about Cradle to Cradle® will be broadcasted on ARTE under the title, “Prêt-à-jeter – Kaufen für die Müllhalde”.

    The broadcast will be repeated on February, 18th at 10:30h and February, 24th at 3:25h. Please find more info at Arte.

  6. Erik van Erne zegt:

    4 maart 2011 om 17:51 | Permalink

    Cradle to Cradle Fashion Show in Berlin on Friday, 11th March 2011

    Fashion show with good materials that were optimized according to the C2C concept in AEDES Architecture Forum at Pfefferberg in Berlin, Christinenstraße 18-19.

    The four young designers: Mona Ohlendorf, Trigema (GER), Matilda Wendelboe, Matilda Wendelboe Fashion Ltd. (SWE), Jeppy Larsen, Bonkeli Design (SWE) and Otto Rien, DutchSpirit (NL) will present the first ever C2C optimized collection for children and adults. The textiles used were manufactured by Backhausen Interior Textiles and Trigema. Both companies worked with EPEA to improve their materials according to the C2C philosophy. This fashion show, which was sponsored by Aveda, Backhausen Interior Textiles and Trigema, is the first step for C2C entering the world of fashion.

    18.00 hr
    Presentation of “Cradle to Cradle and Fashion” by DutchSpirit

    19.00 hr and 21.00 hr
    Cradle to Cradle Fashion Show

    At 20.00 hr, the press will have the chance to personally speak to Mona Ohlendorf (Trigema), Matilda Wendelboe (Matilda Wendelboe Fashion Ltd), Jeppe Larsen (Bonkeli), Otto Rien (Dutch Spirit), Bastian Casaretto (Aveda Artistic Director) and Dr. Michael Braungart.

  7. Erik van Erne zegt:

    10 maart 2011 om 19:21 | Permalink

    Cradle to Cradle Prinzip: Grafik-Animation, deutsch

    Cradle to Cradle – von der wiege zur wiege. diese grafik erklärt einfach das grundprinzip der geschlossenen produktkreisläufe. müll existiert nicht mehr.

  8. Erik van Erne zegt:

    12 maart 2011 om 08:48 | Permalink

    Cradle to Cradle Festival Berlin: Michael Braungart interviewed by illywords

    At the “Cradle To Cradle Festival” in Berlin, illywords spoke with Michael Braungart at the end of the conference about “More than green. Added value of Cradle To Cradle”. He spoke about C2C as a way to celebrate the abundance and the beauty instead of the sacrifice and the guilt of the old fashion ecological thinking.

  9. Erik van Erne zegt:

    21 maart 2011 om 19:21 | Permalink

    Interview with William McDonough and Michael Braungart by Jan Michael Hess

    At the recent Cradle to Cradle Festival in Berlin, Jan Michael Hess interviewed the two C2C co-founders William McDonough and Michael Braungart. What a wonderful meeting with these wise visionaries who know how we can transform our economy into a Cradle to Cradle Economy. Waste is food. Materials in the technosphere should be reused like biodegradable nutrients in the biosphere. Michael gives the morning keynote at Ecosummit 2011 .

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