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Pink Ribbon: The 7th Festival of Lights Berlin 12-23 October 2011

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Festival of LightsThe lights of the 6th Festival of Lights are extinguished. And while many already miss the colourful spectacle and take a look at the many beautiful photos the theme for the organising-team is: after the Festival is before the Festival.

The date for the 7th Festival of Lights is already set: from Wednesday 12th to Sunday 23th October 2011 Berlin will again turn into a fairytale of light and colour.

Festival of Lights Berlin 2010For the sixth time, the Festival of Lights will turn Berlin into a sparkling metropolis with a firework of illuminations and events for two weeks from 13th to 24th October, 2010.

Under the auspices of the governing mayor Klaus Wowereit world-famous historical landmarks and spots in Berlin, e.g. the Brandenburg Gate, the Television or Radio Tower will be staged impressively by means of light, events, projections and fireworks. 

From October 13th to October 24th 2010 more than 60 buildings, sites and the world-known landmarks of Berlin will sparkle in a new glance.

Complementary to the festival, there will be numerous cultural events dealing with the subject “light”.

The Grand Opening on October 13th will be followed by a number of spectacular events this year. Amongst others the Night Of Open Doors will be held on October 16th. On October 22nd it will become jazzy at Jazz at the Ministergardens. A spectacular finish will be the City LightRun on October 23rd. During the whole festival you can explore the city on land, water or in the air via LightSeeing.

Brandenburger-Tor-2006-in-pink_Estee-Lauder1Did you know that breast cancer is the most common cancer for women in Germany? Worldwide about one million cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year. The good news is that the death rates are sinking as a result of early detection and better treatment options. The Estée Lauder Companies are involved worldwide in the fight against breast cancer since the beginning of the 90s. This year’s awareness campaign for breast cancer has the motto “A world in pink. A world without breast cancer. Wear the pink ribbon.™ Make your mark.”

In October, the BCA Campaign will be present in over 60 countries with a common goal:  to spread the life-saving message about the importance of early detection of breast cancer and to collect donations to further the research.  So that there will be a world without breast cancer in the foreseeable future. The “Global Landmarks Illumination Initiative” was launched for the first time in 2000. Within this scope historic landmarks are bathed in pink light during the breast cancer-month of October to directed global attention to the issue of breast cancer and health. The illuminated landmarks will also act as a warning and shall recall women to self examine their breasts regularly and to go to preventative treatments. Every year, hundreds of famous landmarks around the world are illuminated such as the Empire State Building, Niagara Falls, the Opera House in Sydney, Australia and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Our major goal in Germany is that the topic awareness of breast cancer and particularly the early detection and prevention course is taken for granted and achieve more attention. Every cent we spend is used for global research programs and raising awareness among the public. Pink Ribbon: National Breastcancer Awareness Month October – Pink Ribbon: KISS drummer Peter Chriss Walks for the American Breast Cancer Society

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