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Anders Bekeken

Cities | Possibilities Forum in Singapore: Building Circular Cities

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Cities | Possibilities is an annual premiere sustainable cities event organised by Eco-Business that convenes high-level decision makers from the building, finance, and infrastructure sectors, policymakers, academics and civil society to discuss the latest developments in advancing Sustainable Development Goal 11 – creating sustainable cities and communities.?

In 2019, the second edition of the event – themed ‘Building Circular Cities’ – will feature an exclusive closed-door dialogue where 80 key stakeholders will participate in a series of in-depth roundtable discussions to highlight the key challenges and opportunities in unlocking circularity for cities.?

Held on Wednesday 28 August, it will provide an effective platform for business, government and NGOs to collaborate on advancing sustainable cities and circular systems within cities. ?Cities consume more than two-thirds of the world’s energy and account for more than 70 per cent of global carbon emissions. ?

As the global community races against time to rapidly decarbonise our economies to tackle climate change, cities must take the lead in shifting away from the current linear ‘take-make-waste’ model of economic growth to a circular one. Robust studies in recent years have proved the linear model of development is highly wasteful, detrimental to the environment and communities, threatens business profitability, and prevents us from living within our planetary boundaries.

The circular economy, in contrast, eliminates waste and pollution by design, keeps products and materials in eternal use, and regenerates our natural ecosystems so that we can sustainably provide essential services for the global population. This transformation, however, will require a re-think of key systems that are at the very core of cities — the networks, infrastructures and environments that provide transport, communications, water, food and energy to its citizens and businesses.

How do we design these interconnected systems such that they flow synergistically from one to the other in a circular fashion? This 28 August, leading thinkers and practitioners in building sustainable cities will meet to answer this key question.

You’ll gain insights on: How to turn the circular vision into reality for cities. What role policymakers and the finance industry can play in circular infrastructure development. Where Singapore and other Asian cities can potentially achieve breakthroughs in circularity. Lessons gleaned from countries like the Netherlands who have unveiled an ambitious circular economy manifesto.

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