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How to Achieve a Sustainable Lifestyle: Re-Use, Reduce, Recycle

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Re -Use - Duce - CycleThe sustainable lifestyle movement has continued to grow year to year. More than ever, people are looking for possible ways to enrich their life and save the planet. Are you part of this group? Here are some tips you should consider.

Focus on daily changes: While getting excited about sustainability, it is important for you to avoid going over the top about your dreams of making the world better. Getting over excited will decrease your chances of success, as you can burn out before mastering your new lifestyle.

Instead of going all in at once, create a simple plan detailing how you will use sustainability principles gradually, day by day. The plan should include daily goals, weekly goals etc. Repeating your goal setting process quarterly will help you master a sustainable lifestyle.

Plan Ahead: Planning is important if you want to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. For example, you need to plan lunch alternatives if you want to stop grabbing fast food on a daily basis. Your typical burger is a tasty treat but it isn’t great for your long term health, and adds to global carbon emissions.  Eating such fast food also leads to production of paper and plastic waste. Do you intend to recycle all plastic bottles around your home and stop buying bottled water? This might mean saving for a water filtration system if you can’t stand tap water. Planning is a vital part of developing a sustainable lifestyle.

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Look for easy gains: By making easy gains, you can make your lifestyle more sustainable without drastic changes. For instance, simply taking your own cutlery to work may mean you don’t need to use plastic spoons, forks and knives. Make the decision to use your own bags for all shopping. The supermarkets have already made this the default decision for many, but a lot of people are simply buying more bags every time they reach the checkout.

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Keep up to date with trends: Devoting time to the learning new trends in sustainability will help you see possible places for improvement.  For example, business owners looking to improve the sustainability of their business may erroneously believe it will be too expensive an activity. They may think that it will be difficult to get employers on board with their ideas. However, properly understanding new trends will enlighten them about how possible it is to achieve a sustainable lifestyle in business without drastic changes.

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Don’t stop growing: If you properly implement the principles we have described above, you will begin to see better ways to push your sustainability even further. This may include cycling to work, making your wardrobe future proof by selecting different attire, or changing your diet. Regardless of the steps you decide to take, you will understand how sustainability is possible if the will is there.

The key to a successful transition to a sustainable lifestyle is to create an actionable plan that isn’t excessively disruptive, and can be evolved over time Small lifestyle changes can help the planet, and you don’t have to do everything at once.

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