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Tesla And Elon Musk: The Future Of Electric Cars by DW Documentary

Tesla, Elon Musk’s electric car manufacturing company, initially appeared to leave the rest of the car industry behind. But competition has become tougher.
In the running to establish electric vehicles, Tesla initially appeared to have left the rest of the car industry in the dust. But things have gotten tougher for Elon Musk’s crown jewel […]

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China Launched Its Frst All-Electric Cargo Ship Powered by A 2,400-Kilowatt-Hour Battery

China launched its first all-electric cargo ship. The 230-foot-long boat travels only eight miles per hour, but the ship has zero emissions of waste gas pollutants.
The irony, however, is that the ship is going to transport coal, more than 2,000 tons in the inner part of the Pearl River.
The all-electric boat is powered […]

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Dethleffs e.home coco: Camper For Electric Cars With Battery Pack, Electric Motors, Solar Panels

Dethleffs came up with an innovative new camper concept built for electric cars. It has its own battery pack, electric motors, and solar panels to reduce the load on the vehicle towing it.
The idea is pretty simple: towing a camper reduces the efficiency and the range of your vehicle, electric car or not, but by […]

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This Is Why The Caribbean Is Ready For An Electric Car Revolution by WEF

Why solar makes sense.

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BMW’s Big Electric Plan: Twelve New Electric Cars in The Next Few Years by BMW

With more and more pressure on automakers to make cars with low or zero tailpipe emissions, mainstream automakers are now working harder than ever to bring large numbers of plug-in and all-electric cars to market.
BMW is one such company, and we’ve already covered on this channel how BMW is promising to bring twenty-five new […]

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Iceland Looks for Energy Sustainability: 20 Fast Chargers For Electric Cars Along Route 1 by ABB

Iceland is implementing an ambitious plan to increase the adoption of renewable energy, with incentives to promote electric vehicles.
As countries around the world look for ways to integrate renewable energy into their infrastructure, one country that’s in a leading position is Iceland.
With plentiful sources of geothermal and hydropower, the only fossil fuels they […]

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Ten All-New Electric Cars that Want to be Better than Tesla by Automotive Territory

Have you missed the new releases of electric cars? Well, your wait is over, because we have a whole lineup of the latest all-new EVs that came out fresh of the fast growing electric oven.
Get excited to witness the fastest accelerating automobile of all time from Rimac, beautiful and practical SUV from Jaguar, affordable […]

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The Best All-Electric Cars to Buy in 2018 in The U.S. by Future Lab

2018 will be the year of electric cars. Some manufacturers will go nationwide in the U.S. with their EVs. For the first time there will be competitors for the Tesla Model X in the market.
Representing The Best All-Electric Cars You May Consider Buying in 2018.
01: 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Range-238 miles, Battery pack-60 kw/h
02: The […]

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Ten New Electric Car Concepts That Should Hit Production by Automotive Territory

After reviewing a great deal of concept cars we have noticed that most of the time some spectacular ideas never become a reality and fade away as a one time show model. The situation is practically the same on the EV market.
Car manufacturers like Honda, Mercedes, Audi and BMW have whole electric strategies based on […]

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Tata Tiago EV Electric Car by Tata Motors Launched at Low Carbon Emission Vehicles Show

Tata Motors is working on a range of electric cars for global as well as Indian markets. Tata has unveiled the Tata Tiago electric concept car at the LCV2017 (Low Carbon Emission Vehicles show) in Millbrook, UK.
The Tata Tiago EV can sprint from 0-100 km/h in less than 11 seconds in sports mode. The car […]

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