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The Electric PILPELED x FOFFA E-Bike and E-Moulton E-Bike With ZEHUS Smart Wheel by Electric Concepts

Geschreven op 25-7-2017 - Erik van Erne. Geplaatst in Vervoer en OV
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Electric Concepts is an Israeli based company introducing the innovative ZEHUS smart wheel to the vibrant Israeli e-bike market. We’ve been on the look-out for the next generation of e-bikes to revolutionise our consumer riding culture and we have found our solution in ZEHUS smart wheel.

Combining a super smart in-built electric motor, with elegant and unique bicycle frames to to create a new and better riding experience. The goal is to create electric bicycles for people who love to ride and love design, creating them a bike that both looks great and provides that extra boost on the road.

Electric Concepts studio is where the magic happens. They’ve taken two things we love, a classic single speed FOFFA bike and a ZEHUS smart electric wheel and combined them into the best riding experience available for the urban commuter. As soon as they saw the first FOFFA black edition, they immediately knew they had to invite renowned Israeli designer, PILPELED (Nir Peled) , to use the bikes as his canvas.

Applying PILPELED’s design onto the PILPELED x FOFFA black frame was no easy task. They created laser-cut stencils to make sure all the fine details of his work translated and as you can see in the short film, the results are astounding.

Electric Concepts studio also joined forces with the MOULTON bike company, combining the ZEHUS smart wheel with their timeless bike frame designs and world-class engineering, to create the lightest and most streamline e-bike on the market: the e-MOULTON edition.

The E-Moulton E-Bike is a different breed altogether, a fascinating mix of old and new, lightweight (13.8kg) unusual appearance with special features. Handcrafted in England, E-Moulton is the perfect bike for riders seeking maximum performance in an urban environment, alongside comfort and exceptional portability, with a frame that quickly adjusts to changing field conditions, and could be quickly folded for storage purposes.

The combination with the ZEHUS ‘all-in-one’ hub motor, results in a unique E-bike, which maximize rider comfort and efficiency while providing a perfect balance of both battery and rider’s capabilities.

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