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Leilani Münter The Carbon Free Race Girl: Stop Slaughtering Dolphins in Taiji, Japan

Geschreven op 7-2-2009 - Erik van Erne. Geplaatst in Energie en Besparing, Vervoer en OV
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leilani-munter2.JPGUpdate 1 september 2010: Zo, Leila Münter heeft besloten om zich te gaan inzetten om een einde ta maken aan de walvis en dolfijnen jacht in Japan. Ze is inmiddels aangekomen in Japan om daar mee te doen aan het protest in Taiji, Japan waar ze Ric O’Barry, u weet wel van The Cove een handje gaat helpen.

“The little town with the really big secret (which is not so secret anymore) is set to turn their cove crimson again, starting on September 1st,” writes Münter in an article on Treehugger. “This is the reason I am flying to Japan where I will join Ric O’Barry, the hero of the film and the loudest voice for the 23,000 dolphins slaughtered every year in that bloody cove in Taiji.” A little over a year ago while traveling, I ordered a movie called The Cove in a hotel room. Since then, there is not a single friend, family member, or twitter follower that has not heard me rave about this movie. I can say without a doubt, this is is the best documentary film I have seen in my lifetime. Earlier this year, it received the recognition it deserved when it won the Academy Award for best documentary.” Sources: Ecorazzi and Treehugger

3 mei 2010: Zo, dat heeft even geduurd, maar er is weer een berichtje van de groene motor dame. Leila Münter heeft besloten zelf te gaan helpen bij het opruimen van olierotzooi als gevolg van de olieramp in de Golf van Mexico.

Leilani laat op haar website het volgende weten: “Hello everyone,
I am headed to New Orleans in the morning to volunteer to help clean up the oil spill. Likely I will end up working with the wildlife since I have a background in wildlife rescue from college.
This spill is on track to become the largest man made environmental disaster in history. The oil is gushing out at 200,000 gallons per day, nearly 10 times what they had originally estimated and it’s seems to be increasing in flow. It is a mile below the surface and they don’t know how to stop it, it could be leaking for months.
It couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Pelicans, shrimp, alligators and dolphins in the coastal gulf are giving birth or preparing to. There are four species of endangered sea turtles in the area that will likely never recover now. Shrimp are in grave danger which is devastating not only for the shrimp, but also to all the larger species of fish like red snapper and yellowfin tuna which feed on the shrimp. And while some fish may have the ability to flee from the oil, it is a much more difficult proposition for dolphins who have to surface to breath air and will be inhaling the toxic fumes. This is truly a colossal tragedy of epic proportions.
I will be there with Larry Schweiger (President and CEO) and Jeremy Symons (Senior Vice President, Conservation and Education) from the National Wildlife Federation. Right now my plane ticket flies me home next Friday morning (May 7) because I have to come home to go to Dallas for a speech I have scheduled at the International Stadium Managers Conference. I don’t know what my cell service or internet connection will be like. The area I am going – Venice, Louisiana – is on the coast and about 100 miles from New Orleans. I will try to post updates to my facebook and twitter if I have a connection. I will be documenting this trip with video and photographs that I will post on Carbon Free Girl from the gulf coast if I can and if not, when I get home.
Wish us luck. If anyone wants to join me as a volunteer, please contact the Deep Water Horizon response team at 1-866-448-5816. We need all the help we can get.
Keep it green… and blue… (and free of oil)”
Leilani Münter

7 februari 2010: Nou had ik persoonlijk nog nooit van de jongedame in kwestie gehoord, maar Leilani Münter is een dame waar we nog veel meer van gaan horen. Leilani is vooral bekend van haar activiteiten in de Nascar competitie waar ze haar rondjes meedraait. Ze is met recht een opvallende verschijning in de racewereld en is dan ook ongekend populair.

Die populariteit wordt onder ander ingezet om haar doel te realiseren: the carbon free girl. Hoe ze exact van plan is dat te gaan bereiken, blijft nog wat onduidelijk, maar ze heeft in elk geval zwaar ingezet op een ware vergroening van Nascar.

De vegetarian hippie chick race car driver, zoals ze zichzelf graag typeert, heeft ook nog een hele mooie boodschap voor de 100 miljoen race-fans in de Verenigde Staten: Life is short. Race hard. Live Green.

Bron: Ecorazzi

Geen idee in wat voor racewagen Leilani Münster eigenlijk rondjes scheurt op de circuits, maar om een echte carbon free girl te worden lijkt mij de keus vrij simpel. Eén van deze drie: BEE Four – The First Full Electric Race Car Australia’s First Hydrogen Powered Racing Car West/Kleenspeed: The first all-electric sportsracer. Uiteraard wel even opladen met echte groene stroom.

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