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C2C ExpoLAB: Enjoying Development of Cradle to Cradle Knowledge

Geschreven op 24-10-2010 - Erik van Erne. Geplaatst in Cradle to Cradle
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C2C Expo LabC2C ExpoLAB is adding momentum to development of knowledge in the area of Cradle to Cradle and innovation. It does that by documenting C2C working processes and solutions and making them available to interested parties. The principles of open innovation form the starting point in these processes.

To that end, the foundation is developing a C2C knowledge and educational infrastructure in the area, in which the C2C chair of learning at the University of Twente stands central. This will form the basis for C2C training courses in the Venlo region.

C2C ExpoLAB seeks cooperation with municipal, regional and provincial governments, “WGR-plus” organisations (WGR = Joint Regulations Act), ministries, project developers, architects, private clients, companies focusing on C2C developments, educational and knowledge institutions. The C2C ExpoLAB Foundation is giving shape and substance to the ambitions of the Municipality of Venlo with regard to Cradle to Cradle. Since October of this year, the foundation has also been responsible for translating those ambitions into results.

C2C ExpoLAB in Venlo aims to stimulate and support developments in the area of Cradle to Cradle (C2C). It does that by gathering knowledge in that area and bundling it in a documentation centre, making it available to government organisations, market players and knowledge and educational institutions. By doing so, C2C ExpoLAB is reinforcing the foundations for a sustainable future of the region.

The C2C ExpoLAB links government organisations, knowledge and educational institutions and the business world in order to document processes of C2C applications in buildings, regional development and products, validate them and open them up for other parties. For that purpose, the C2C ExpoLAB is facilitating the C2C chair of learning at the University of Twente, which forms the basis for the knowledge and educational infrastructure for C2C in the Venlo region. Via that chair of learning, C2C ExpoLAB is laying links with national and international projects and centres of knowledge.

C2C ExpoLAB was founded in October 2010 by the Municipality of Venlo. On being founded, the board of governors consisted of representatives of the Municipality of Venlo

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  1. Frank Hoens zegt:

    11 december 2010 om 12:54 | Permalink

    It is great to have a C2C expo Lab in the Netherlands (Venlo). We notice that C2C is a real differentiator for product development, business development, area development and building development. The C2C community in the region Venlo with 150 organisation linked to it and organised by the chamber of commerce in Venlo is using C2C as innovation subject to explore their business. We see a lot of successful initiatives in this community and it is growing rapidly.
    Good luck to all these companies who will ‘make the difference’ for their business and for a healthier planet.

  2. Erik van Erne zegt:

    21 oktober 2011 om 10:22 | Permalink

    Venlo City Hall: The Facade

    Roy Vercoulen of C2C ExpoLAB Foundation explains how the facade of the new city hall of Venlo (The Netherlands) follows several Cradle to Cradle principles.

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