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Donald Trump’s Presidential Cadillac Limo: The New Upgraded Beast also called The Cadillac One

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barack-obama-presidential-limousine.bmpUpdate 12 January 2017: President Donald Trump new car ‘’The Cadillac One’ aka ‘The Beast’ will be rolled out for the 45th President of the USA inauguration on January 20th 2017.

When he becomes president of the United States, Donald Trump will travel in an upgraded version of the Cadillac-branded limousine used by current President Barack Obama.

According to Autoweek, the new presidential state car is expected to sport the looks of a Cadillac Escalade sedan. Known as “Cadillac One” or by the Secret Service as “The Beast,” it will use a Kodiak medium-duty truck frame with custom-made body panels.

More tank than car, its bodywork is made from hardened steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramics, with windows that can withstand armour-piercing bullets. The interior is completely sealed to shield the president from biochemical attacks. It has heavy armour-plated doors and a reinforced steel plate running underneath the vehicle that protects it from roadside bombs.

The presidential limousine has tear gas cannons and a night vision camera installed in front as well as a pump-action shotgun. Extra weapons, an oxygen supply and bottles of the president’s blood type are also on board. The fuel tank is armor-plated and encased in foam to prevent it from exploding. The tires are puncture and shard-resistant with steel rims that allow the car to continue driving even if the tires are destroyed.

The new and improved Beast will be revealed on Jan. 20 for the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

8 april 2010: Nou, The Beast blijft gewoon The Beast. De hybride uitvoering die President Barack Obama zo graag wilde hebben, komt er niet. Technisch schijnt dat niet mogelijk te zijn. Geen idee waarom dat niet zou kunnen. Overigens lijkt het mij een stuk slimmer om in te zetten op een full electric versie van The Beast. Het gewicht van de batterijen maakt weinig uit voor de auto met het gewicht van een tank.

President Obama’s limo is a basically a diesel-powered tank. When he came into office, the new President asked if he could get one with a hybrid drivetrain for his Presidential Topkick Cadillac to go along with his push for greener vehicles across the board. During a recent stop at a North Carolina manufacturing facility that builds battery components for hybrid cars, Obama was asked about the status of his hybrid limo hopes, and admitted that this isn’t going to happen.CBS, and so would not be able to accelerate with a hybrid powerplant. Instead, the limo uses a heavy-duty diesel engine to move around. Source: Green Autoblog

The reason, the President said, was that the Secret Service rejected his idea “because the cars that I’m in are like tanks,” adding “there’s a little bit of extra stuff on there.” That extra stuff (security stuff, mostly) means the Presidential limo is about two to three times heavier than the average car.

17 januari 2009: Change, dus je zou in elk geval een energiezuinig karretje verwachten, maar als ik het zo even bekijk zit dat er niet echt in met deze kleine tank, die is voorzien van een 6.9 liter dieselmotor. het verbruik is ongeveer 1:2 en de topsnelheid is slechts 100 kilometer per uur. Dat komt omdat The Beast een beetje heel erg zwaar is.

licenplate-44.bmpOp de motorkap zijn de Amerikaanse en Presidentiële vlaggen geplaatst en toch nog een leuke gadget: als het donker is worden die vlaggetjes met LED-lampjes verlicht. De Cadillac heeft ook al een leuke naam gekregen: The Beast. Bron: iMotor

Jammer dat het geen full-electric cadillac is geworden. Wellicht gaat dat er in de toekomst nog van gaat komen. Ik neem aan dat we deze Cadillac dit weekend voor het eerst gaan zien bij de start van de feestelijkheden rond de inauguratie van Barack Obama: We are one: the Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. Daarna staat The 2009 Green Inaugural Ball op het programma. Tenslotte, de grote dag, 20 januari 2009: The Presidential Inauguration Heel toepasselijk heeft de Presidentiële Limo license-plate 44 gekregen. Zie ook: de geheel vernieuwde website van the White House met de regering Obama.

goodbye.jpgDan kan Barack Obama aan de slag als President of the USA en kan hij samen met zijn ministers gaan werken aan het opruimen van de puinhopen die de regering Bush heeft veroorzaakt en heeft achtergelaten. Kijkt u bij de reacties nog even naar wat historische momenten uit de carriëre van George Bush.

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Zie ook deze artikelen over de inauguratie op 20 januari: Barack Obama zal de eed afleggen op de Abraham Lincoln Inaugural Bible Aretha Franklin zingt op inauguratie Barack Obama Barack Obama: A Letter to My Daughters, Love Dad The new official portrait for President Barack Obama The Official Invitation for The Inauguration of Barack H. Obama Barack Obama’s Presidential Cadillac Limo: The Beast We are One Concert: the Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial

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    Video of President Barack Obama ‘ The Beast’ Cadillac limo stuck on ramp in Ireland

    US President Barack Obama’s visit to Ireland got a little bumpy on Monday, after his armoured limousine got stuck as it tried to leave the US embassy in Dublin. A large crowd had turned out in Ballsbridge to wave farewell to Obama as he made his way from the Irish capital to his ancestral home in County Offaly. But their cheers turned to gasps when the underbelly of the president’s black Cadillac – nicknamed “The Beast” – caught the slope of the embassy driveway – hitting it with a loud bang.

    With the limo unable to move either forward or backward, Obama and his wide Michelle remained in the vehicle while a Secret Service agent directed a grey coach to park in front of it – obscuring the view of the media and the crowd, and prompting a few boos. Obama and his wife then continued their journey in a second armoured limousine, while the rest of the motorcade left the embassy via a different exit.

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    Air Force One is an incredible piece of machinery

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    The Beast: Designed to protect U.S. President

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    10 Mind-Blowing Facts About President Trump’s Vehicle

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